US Marine chooses Wedding Ring over Finger

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Dec 13, 2004.

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  1. From could not make this up.....

    Marine Chooses Wedding Ring Over Finger
    Associated Press
    December 13, 2004

    VICTORVILLE, Calif. - When Marine Lance Cpl. David Battle learned he'd either have to sacrifice his ring finger or the wedding band he wore, he told doctors at a field hospital in Iraq to cut off the finger.

    The 19-year-old former high school football star suffered a mangled left hand and serious wounds to his legs in a Nov. 13 fire fight in Fallujah. Battle, who is recovering at his parents' home in this desert city 80 miles northeast of Los Angeles, came under attack as he and fellow Marines entered a building. Eleven other Marines were wounded.

    Doctors were preparing to cut off Battle's ring to save as much of his finger as they could.

    "But that would mean destroying my wedding ring," he said. "My wife is the strongest woman I know. She's basically running two people's lives since I've been gone. I don't think I could ever repay her or show her how grateful ... how much I love my wife, my soul mate."

    With his approval, doctors severed his finger, but somehow in the chaos that followed, they lost his ring.

    Although Battle was disappointed, his wife, Devon, said she was honored.

    "I can't believe he did that," she said. "At first I was mad when he told me, but then I realized how lucky I am to have him in my life."

    The couple, who met in the eighth grade, were married in June, just two weeks before Battle left for Iraq. He hopes to eventually return to the Marines, and to replace his wedding ring, but that will have to wait until he recovers.

    In the meanwhile, Battle's high school has planned a banquet in his honor next week.

    "We need to make more David Battles," said Daniel Pierce, the school's assistant head coach. "He is one amazing guy."

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  2. I hae ma doots about the laddies sanity(and this reeks of Urban Myth "friend of a friend story" although there there are named and supposedly traceable/verifiable people in it)

    Did they cut off his whole finger?
    No the one next to it!!!!
  3. What an idiot. I mean, when he eventually gets round to replacing the wedding ring (which the docs apparently lost anyhow, so waste of time having finger cut off) ..... which finger is he going to wear it on?

  4. Mine always lives on my watch strap when I'm in the field: drives Mrs Fas crazy that it comes off at all - but I'm hoping she'd trade a few hundred quid's worth of gold ring for one of my hands!

    That decision might be 'time of the month' dependent of course... :lol:
  5. What a nugget!

    Hint: you can but another ring (or wife if it comes to that), but fingers are slightly harder come by after the initial issue. Mind you I hope the medic get a few beers after he pawned the ring, 'losing it' my testicles
  6. Audio gag:

    Did he lose the (w)hole finger?

    Or was it the one next to it?

    Edited post - Sorry, just saw someone got to the joke before me!
  7. RTFQ


    I'm waiting for the follow-up piece about how she's been sh@gging half of navada while he's been gone and is now "with-child" to a kebab shop owner called Ahmed.

    Anyone who doubts the presence of a higher power, or the fact that he has a squaddy's sense of humour - witness the fact that he lost the ring anyway. Classic.
  8. got mine caught on a nail in a fence once. Made my ring finger swell up so that the circulation was cut off and the Doc had to cut the ring off.

    To tell you the truth, i didnt think twice. What a bloody idiot this lad is. He's lost his digit and the ring, i'm sure his missus would have been happer with a man without "Beadle" hand.

  9. He sounds sharp as a knife. I imagine he looks like something out of Deliverance.

    I'm amazed that the Doctors even listened to him, the blo0dy hick.
  10. Oh, And further to my point, H Samuel bling shop soldered the two halves back together for about 15 quid. I'd have lent him the bloody cash the poor demented fool.

  11. you cynical bunch!! I thought it was a wonderful story!

    My first reaction was "I want that man cloned and shipped over ..."

    My second was " 19 years old hey? Bet he's not thinking that at 25..."

    mmmmmm....maybe I'm getting a tadge cynical in my old age
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    This inbred banjo-playing jarhead could be on the next USMC recruiting poster : "Join the Marines ! We don't ask for fingers or faculties !"

    Plonker !
  13. RTFQ


    How's the useless spam going to count now?
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I just thought, his banjo playing is going to suffer now too.

    Best he keeps to humping his sister.
  15. aye but theres less of him to finger her with now!