US Loony tendancy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by subbsonic, Apr 27, 2005.

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  1. I'm a Brit and this website has really p155ed me off, God only knows how US veterans must feel about it???

    forsake the toops.... just what substance are you people using now????

    do there people really exist?
    I desparately hope they are the figment of some non-american imagination, < perhaps its fatty of "slipping standards in the regulars" fame??
  2. OK, went to the website. Had a look around. It's run by a bloke- his personal hompage has rainbow flags on it and he's a big fan of Little House on the Prairie, I'm sure you can work out what this might mean.

    Not that sexual orientation has anything to do with it (unless getting completely fcuked by every single member and veteran of the US armed forces counts). It's pretty obvious that the guy has a screw loose somewhere and he's either doing it to seek attention or he's like one of those "suicide by cop" types. Either way, I'm willing to bet on him being an abused child.
  3. First Amendment Rights in play :: shrugs ::

    He's still an odious tosser, irony is of course the US Army is obliged to protect his right to say it. I feel the need to bark Col. Nathan Jessop's closing speech from "A Few Good Men" at him.

  4. Pity he doesn't give his address. Maybe some of the lads could go round and discuss his theories, with 'respect' and 'couth', of course. F-uckers!
  5. He needs a damn good kicking.........
  6. fcking cnut
  7. It would be wrong of me to suggest that someone might like to look him up at It would be even more irresponsible of me to post a link...

    Whois :twisted: :twisted:
  8. Maybe just a death wish windup? If that was a brit site and you found out he lived next door....
  9. I think this is one for our American cousins to spread around and track him down :twisted:
  10. F**king knobber!! I read the website comments board where sane characters have left comments depicting the website author to be a f**king waster, and that he is undeserving to be living within their country. Surely by the amount of hits he gets he should see a trend, "maybe my views are a bit skewed" Obviously not, punishment for the cnut? dress him up in a nappy and send him off to gary glitter. then again he would probably enjoy it.
  11. strange that he never answers their criticism, maybe we could introduce him to the CCCP re-enactment society and see if he appreciates the fact Uncle sam fought for his right to free speech? as opposed to the alternative?

    Though of course "fighting for free speech" Im fairly sure they fought for independence from teh UK, and it was representation at Westminster we had denied them rather than free speech! but still.............
  12. 1. If he actually believes that U.S. forces are living in luxury he's extremely ill-informed.

    2. He seems to feel that if he cannot be admired, it's better at least to be actively detested than ignored.

    3. He's quite correct about one thing. He has every right to broadcast his nonsense. Others have a reciprocal right to ignore it.
  13. Someones obviously taken offence to this guy.

    Copied from another website.
    His picture :twisted: [​IMG]
  14. Found the following on this cnuts blog:
    Fcuking oxygen thief.
    Unfortunately there's not much relief posting sh1t about him on here. He'll never read it and even if he did it's only words. What I wouldn't give for a couple of minutes with the prick.