US Law in UK? what next?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LordVonHarley, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - 'Piracy' student Richard O'Dwyer loses extradition case

    The young chap involved is a bit of a bell end for setting up the web site, but given that the internet knows no international boundaries how will this impact on UK law.

    Will the UK be expected to extradite other citizens who's actions in the UK (and legal) but illegal in the US from now on?

    There is already EU law over riding UK law, now do we face US law too?
  2. Im dead against this, fcuking septics thinking they rule the world (maybe they do?), if your not breaking UK law whilst in the UK it should be a no case.Sharia law in the UK will end up in disaster as well.
  3. He's from Chesterfield. He deserves it
  4. Why, what are you going to do, hard man?
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  6. What makes it worse is the fact that under normal extradition treaties an alleged offence in the country seeking extradition must be also be an offence in the UK, which this isn't.

    All he has done is provide links to websites where films etc can be obtained.... exactly the same as Google does. I don't see the septics prosecuting Google.

  7. Register a web site in say, Kazakstan and host links to kiddie porn there from the warmth of a bedroom in Romford and tell us how that 'no international boundaries' thing plays out with the Courts.
  8. How long before some doctor finds out this lad is suffering from some mental disorder which makes him unfit to be extradited?
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  9. Im sure that would be illegal in Kazakstan and the UK , and effectively you would be holding images in the UK to upload to your paedo website, youd get done in the UK and rightly so ,the guy in the original post was not breaking UK law as far as I know.
  10. You are right to be upset, but for all the wrong reasons. Forget about the extradition, and consider what he has supposedly done: nothing more than provided a link or pointer to content.

    But, like every other personal liberty we have allowed Government to erode, apathy rules.
  11. There is a huge principle at stake in this which goes to the heart of what the internet is about.

    This lad is accused of hosting LINKS to copyright material. He is not accused of hosting the actual material. He simply placed links on his web site pointing the way to where the stuff was lurking.

    If the correct search terms had been placed into google, yahoo or any other competent search engine then the same links would come up.....

    Why are not the top execs from these Internet search Company's not under investigation?

    This was a district judge who has made this finding lets hope that when this gets appealed to the higher courts the extradition request gets tossed firmly into the long grass where it belongs.
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  12. He should think himself lucky, chances are he'll lose his virginity now! After 10 yrs he might get a turn at being "Daddy"!

  13. Anyone dare post the links here that he posted?
  14. If we're to have American law, can we have American punishments as well. You know, Death Penalty and jails you really don't want to get sent to where 'hard labour' has two meanings...
  15. "Not breaking the law" and "Not charged with any offences" are sometimes very different things. It's impossible to say, not knowing any more than anyone else on this site, but if the "victims" of his piracy reside in the US then it is right that he be tried there. If there is no complainant in the UK then the UK courts have no jurisdiction. Nothing to do with whether or not offences have been committed.