US launches missile attacks against Syrian targets. 07/04/17

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Porkbrain, Apr 7, 2017.

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  1. It's an amazing coincidence that unacceptable imperialism just happens to be carried out by countries who're not on our side.

    It's right up there with conduct which is 'unacceptable to the international community'.
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  2. I'm sure they take advice and different viewpoints from the troll factory :)
    Okay :rolleyes: Like your points on Turkey. All dried up.
    Really? I missed that one. He's been trying to get out of there for months. problem is, his 'allies' don't want him to.
    I'm sure, but as I said, not "at the expense of all else"
    Iran has been a threat on and off for years. IS is the current highest threat and is why the coalition have been targeting them for a while now.
    I see it as opinion, you see it as fact:
    I'm sure, but it's not fact, just an opinion and we all know about them boys and girls

    SDF and FSA directly supported by coalition forces.
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  3. They are still flying there in 2017

    The conflict with Iran has not yet started.

    I think there is a certain element of self flagellation even trying to debate with a Russian Bugsy.
  4. Over the centuries the Turkic tide flowed into Russia, was stopped, and then ebbed back out. The Russian tide flowed south, peaked, and flowed back out again.

    If you want to start picking arbitrary dates to select grievances, then you can pick one that says southern Ukraine rightfully belongs to Turkey and was brutally stolen from them by those nasty Russians. Or you could pick a different date and say that Anatolia, including the Black Sea coast, Constantinople, and more, were ethnically cleansed of their Greek Orthodox and Armenian influenced population by invaders from Central Asia, and Russia is simply standing up for the rights of those people as the current inheritor of that line of legitimacy. That part of the world has a very complex history, and you can "prove" whatever rights and wrongs you want simply by picking whatever arbitrary time period suits your agenda. None of Europe's great empires grew to be great empires by peaceful means.

    Very large and important chunks of the Ottoman Empire were carved off from them not only by the Russians, but also by the Austro-Hungarians, French, and British. It's a bit rich to criticise the Russians for hacking chunks off one end of the Ottoman Empire when the other great powers of Europe were busy hacking even larger and more important chunks off the other end.

    The Turkish dominated Ottoman Empire was a brutal, ruthlessly expansionist power, and we should shed no tears over their downfall. Modern Turkey was sent off down a different path by its founders, and it would be a mistake for the current rulers to lust after lost imperial glories.

    Present day histories however are often written with a view of justifying present day rivalries. I suspect that current Turkish concerns are more centred around their rivalry in Syria, even if that isn't something they want to talk about directly.

    On the other hand, Putin and Erdogan have a great deal in common when it comes to how they see the world, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the two countries drawing closer in future.
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  5. F-22? Over Syria? Are you sure?
    The war has not started, it's true. But there is an old conflict with Israel and with the USA.
    Some expected that after Iraq, Washington could unleash a war with Iran or Syria. As for Iran then probably it is too late. Tehran being well aware how Washington respect human rights and the international law didn't waste time. Moscow, being asked by Washington, after prolonged posponement, at last delivered S-300 systems to Iran. So, now it is not absolutely safe to send F-22 to Iranian airspace.
    However, agree that interesting debates are possible between opponents with different views. Or it would be intellectual onanism. Intellectual self flagellation in this context is better.
  6. Downing of Syrian Su-22 dramatically changed the situation. The Syrian AD with their S-200 has free hands to down any US or US coalition warplanes. You may say that it is impossible. Never say never.
    Meanwhile Russian (and other) mass media report about interesting allegations.
    Allegedly US EQ-4 Global Hawk drone was shot down by Russian S-300 over Mideterranian.
    СМИ: Российский ЗРК С-300 мог сбить американский беспилотник EQ-4 Global Hawk
    While they are only rumours, it's interesting what would happen if indeed US drone was downed by Russian or Syrian AD?
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  7. My dear fellow since when has it been ‘safe’ to send any military hardware into an oppositions territory without risk.

    An interesting co-incidence appears to be the loss of an EQ4 which has crashed into the Inyo National Forest in California. The accident appears to have touched off a forest fire in the process and local and federal authorities are reportedly on the scene.

    Officials at Edwards Air Force Base in California confirmed to local news outlets that the large high altitude, long endurance unmanned aircraft crashed during a routine transit from Beale Air Force Base more than 350 miles to the northwest. Inyo National Forest is roughly 200 miles north of Edwards, not in a straight line from Beale.

    If in fact one has been shot down by Russia it will be interesting to see what follows.
  8. Personally I strongly doubt that US drone was shot down by Russian missile in Syria (especially over international waters).
    There are no any benefits from such an actions, only problems.
    Most likely there were drills with launches of missiles.
  9. I was illustrating that the likelihood of Turkey and Russia becoming best buddies was very unlikely. In both Turkey and Russia, the heavy hand of history is all persuasive in international relations.
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  10. U.S. military says crisis communications link with Russia 'in use'
    Oh well, looks like the rhetoric was just that. The "The deconfliction line is open and it is in use,":
    It would appear the 'targeting' of coalition aircraft is not taking place either:
    No doubt a new line will be spun by the 'propaganda dogs'
  11. "Professor" Stanley Unwin walt.
  12. Amended for using foreign keyboard on a bus!
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  13. It looked so strange I assumed something like that, that is why I couldn't let it go. As far as "normal" misspelling goes I would hardly be in a position to call anyone else out.
  14. Russia and Turkey becoming best friends, perhaps not. Making an alliance of convenience however, that's a different story. If they can come to an agreement on the future of Syria, there's no reason why they couldn't cooperate on that and other common fields of interest.