US launches missile attacks against Syrian targets. 07/04/17

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Porkbrain, Apr 7, 2017.

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  1. Right for self-defense is a fundamental right recognised by UN Charter.
  2. Yep, but developing ICBMs in DPRK is not.
  3. The quotes come from the DPRK news agency. Tubby III tmk rarely speaks to audiences, just waves his hand. It's like his recent assisting with parachute trg for their SF. Did he do it? Really? Was it a cargo 'chute?
    Not if unanimous UN resolutions say they shouldn't.
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  4. What specifically eastern, hope KJU plays flipping Yahtze. Cos when the Chinese decide, he may not be so verbose
  5. Kim is a fat overindulged deluded psychopathic juvenile who hasn’t had time to understand China.
  6. Don't underestimate Kim. Anyway he will not follow fate of Saddam, Qaddafi, Milosevic and will not allow to bomb his country as Assad has to allow.
    His (and his Father's) strategy works, like you it or not. So he is not complete idiot.
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  7. So you don't think Trump is crazy then ?
  8. All quotes that I have seen mean - We (N.Korea) will use everything that we have in our disposal including nuclear weapons if we would be attacked.
    They are merely tough warnings. And it works.
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  9. No of course. I believe he regards Kim seriously, not as an idiot.
  10. A lot of people see him as crazy and erratic, so who knows what he may do if they are correct.
  11. So it's not western MSM putting a spin on it as you asserted
    Time will tell. As per the thread, will Trump allow Tubby III the ability to strike the US homeland with a nuke? Will China?
  12. I have to repeat, Kim is not that stupid as many here think. He hasn't any reasons to hit 'the US homeland' firsts, only as a retaliation and rather in theory.

    Returning to the theme of this thread, Assad also is not that stupid and ... many here would agree with it. Assad at this point would not retaliate, would not hit US targets even on Syrian soil but it will not last forever.
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  13. According to you re Tubby IIIs stupidity. If it was retaliation only, there would be no rhetoric about first strikes.
    No he won't as the coalition and partners has consistently been the strongest opponent of Islamic State. Half his country would probably still be under IS control if it wasn't for the coalition.

    However, around al Tanf the Syrian allies in the shape of Iranian backed militia's don't seem to be under Russia's let alone Assad's control.
  14. Certainly seems smarter than you.
  15. Really, Why would anyone want to attack N Korea. They got FA and oodles of it.
    Assad will remain in power until his allies have had enough-when it's convenient he'll be gone.
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