US launches missile attacks against Syrian targets. 07/04/17

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Porkbrain, Apr 7, 2017.

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  1. When NK has threatened to use nuclear weapons against any country except retaliation to aggression? Are you able to quote Kim? What were his (their, I mean Kim's) exact words?
    So, Washington, the West, KSA, Turkey interfere in Syrian conflict 'not aggressively' but Iran namely 'aggressively'. Your logic is interesting.
    For decades Iran doesn't unleash any war, didn't attack any country.

    Frankly speaking namely Washington uses to interfere agressively in regional conflicts around the World.
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  2. Pot calling Kettle
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  3. How about a 'super mighty pre-emptive strike"? Not retaliation, an attack on the US mainland:
    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un threatens US with a 'super-mighty preemptive strike'
    If you bothered to read the N Korean thread you'd see the rhetoric
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  4. Washington certainly does react to aggression against it.

    Very decisively as Osama Bin Laden discovered, as AQ has discovered, as Saddam discovered, as Iran discovered.
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  5. You have got to be kidding??? In what La La Land do you live?

    When Iranian mines that it had been sowing in the Persian Gulf damaged a US Warship the Samuel B Roberts, the US response resulted in Iran losing nearly half its Navy. Iran does not play by international rules does not respect diplomatic conventions and then is surprised when the US reacts.
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  6. Let's read your source carefully
    We don't see exact quote and apparently some words were taken from the context. It could mean - if US puppet - Seoul attack us then we (N.Korea) would make super-mighty preemptive strike against US targets in S.Korea or Japan.
    Again I attract your attention to the fact that Western mass media rarely present exact quotes from speeches of N.Korean leaders. It's interesting why? The answer is simple - just to generate fake news.
    Again it could mean just retaliation to US attack. We don't see the context in this case as well.
  7. You are getting tiresome.
    The context is KJU has missiles he wants to test them because the only thing that underpins his regime is fear. The only issue is when big brother finally determines he is getting in the way of the Chinese " co prosperity pact" and swats him.
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  8. You recalled events happened 3 decades ago. As for mines then during a war, in a war zone they are something common. The war was unleshed by Saddam and Iran was defending itself also using mines that undermined oiltransit and thus undermined Iraqi economy.
  9. From my point of view KJU has missiles because he understands nature of Washington's ruling circles pretty well. Washington understands only language of force. You are weak, you disobey orders from Washington, as Milosevic, Saddam or Qaddafi then you could be and would be bombed, invaded, 'liberated'. If you are sufficiently strong then Washington would only bleat endlessly and would not use its decorative armed forces fit to fight only with much weaker enemy. US army (as recently was pointed out by one of top US military commanders) prefer to fight from comfortable air-conditioned bases.
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  10. He doesn't understand Beijing does he:roll:
  11. I can see that nothing satisfies you despite direct quotes from the news agency of N Korea. Your interest in the thread is noted as is Russia's interest in selling its gas and supporting another failed state

    I suggest you read the thread and the incessant rhetoric emanating from N Korea. A country that consistently fails to comply with unanimous UN Resolutions
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  12. I see you've been taking lessons from the agitprop factory again. Bearing in mind Russia's armed forces failed to get a land bridge to Crimea and were stopped by Reservists using older generation of the same kit, belittling another countries armed forces is a bit rich imo. Especially after 'the retreat from Palmyra' when you left kit to including GBAD which had to be destroyed by coalition aircraft
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  13. As I have noted, Western MSM carefully avoid any direct quotes (with propper context) in respect to Kim and N.Korean officials. It is itself telling. Now you see it yourself. The cause is simple. Direct, big enough quotes with context would ruin Western MSM narrative, would demonstrate that the only purpose of N.Korean military build-up is self-defense.
    Any country has right to have missiles, air-defense forces and so on. N.Korea is not an exception.
  14. It is the East. I suspect that Kim understands Beijing, understand it in specific Oriental way.
  15. Hmm....not according to the UN.