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US launches missile attacks against Syrian targets. 07/04/17

Up to 50 cruise missiles targeting a Syrian airbase in response to chemical attacks, announced on the BBC website at 02:30.

Oh heck, what will this lead to over the coming days, a shedload of grief I imagine?

Trump did seem to be cosying up to Vladimir Putin recently, I do wonder if the Russians will respond with words or actions.

Syria war: US launches missile strikes following chemical 'attack' - BBC News

ETA. This has already been mentioned on the Syria thread, so Mods please delete if you wish.
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I'm not a fan of President Trump, but in this instance - good on him. Using chemicals on civilians has consequences, and hiding behind the Russians won't work. That's a Trump policy I can support.

That makes one.
Flying in to neighboring Turkey at 0330 this morning, we were met with armored cars (sorry, 'tanks') on the apron. I guess they're a bit jumpy; moreover Erdoğan had issues a threat to re-invade Syria yesterday, in order to give his flagging referendum campaign that Nationalist boost. Now he's been out maneuvered by both Trump and Putin.
The headline came up on my phone "US launches missile strikes"

I did have a brief tightening of the sphincter thinking it might have been against N Korea
When will the west learn what?
To ignore chemical attacks on civilians. We did so well at ignoring them when Saddam was up to it. The world ignored genocide in Rwanda, they generally got away with it in the Balkans.

I am all for leaving the moddle east alone but when chemical weapons are actually used then that is a good time to act. Amazingly I say well done to Trump for doing something the world has ignored for far too long.
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Haven't we just been here with WMD in Iraq and mass-graves in Libya?
How Trump can just start dropping Tomahawks on a foreign country with no investigation and no congressional oversight, especially when the big-picture will involve Russia AND China?
UAV strikes went through the roof (excuse the pun) with Obama but this reaction, with no investigation, sets worrying tones for the next 4 years.
This is some dangerous shit and all it's going to do is make a small number of powerful men a bit richer.
What??? Assad has been dropping mass graves on people?

Who knew?
From my point of view it is clearly staged, rather demonstrative
'attack'. The Russians were warned about it in advance (and thus Assad was warned as well). Damage for Assad forces is symbolic but Trump demostrated 'force' and fooled many hard-liners at home.
I don't think that the 'attack' will change anything in Syrian conflict.
Cooperation between Russia and the USA will continue. Assad step by step will take control over whole Syria.
The Russians were informed since they had a presence at the base. Assad may stop using chemical weapons if he starts losing the bases he launches the attacks with them from.
I'm not a fan of President Trump, but in this instance - good on him. Using chemicals on civilians has consequences, and hiding behind the Russians won't work. That's a Trump policy I can support.

That makes one.
Well he is not thinking of the long term is he? Obama issued his ultimatum and then completely ducked out of doing anything when that red line was crossed and now he is seen as a global colossus of a statesman and humanitarian.
Here we go again. When will the west learn?
The trouble is, you need to work out what lessons to learn! - inaction can be just as harmful as action. Sadly, Obama and Ed Milliband scuppered the move to take out Assad 3 years ago and as a result thousands more have died in Syria and 100s of thousands of refugees have left causing untold damage and strain in Europe and elsewhere - I'm no warmonger but the 'lessons learned' from Iraq and Afghanistan have basically paralysed western politicians and allowed the vacuum to be filled by Russia, Erdogan and Assads troops. Trumps action last night will have gone some way to inject some caution back in to Assad, Putin, Kim (North Korea) and even the Chinese - at the very least they all now know there is a US President that wont retreat within his own Borders like Obama who every day now is starting to look like one of the worst presidents in US history for his failures internally with the US economy and internationally - PS I actually think Trump is a dick but on the balance better than Obama and definitely Hillary would have been!
It's also a good way of stopping the Russians launching air strikes from Syria.
Maybe, it raises the stakes in the game, 'come at me Bro' without putting a plane in the sky or a boot on soil. That's force projection if ever I saw it. RUS can't win, or even compete here unless they sit it out passively, and will no doubt be looking for exit strategy.

Primary mission. I think this is a clear message to Assad. Stop gassing your people, or else.

Second order effects of the world seeing a President who will act, raising RUS at the table, re-projecting US firepower, taking of the moral high ground are all beneficial.

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