Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by paveway_3, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. paveway_3

    paveway_3 Crow

    Ok we have uni''r''sole with his walt troll thread , So changing the topic slightly .What US forces kit
    do we rate/ like ? No doubt this will end up in a slagging fest but i start the thread with good intentions .

    For me it has to be ''Wiley-x'' Sunglasses , for those of you that have been to Iraq , you carnt help
    but notice these ''gucci'' sunglasses/ goggles the US forces get issued , i think they are a great bit
    of kit ,and it is so easy to ''trade'' your dodgy staybright beret badge for 80 bucks of Snazzy yank
    shades .
  2. sniper9

    sniper9 Old-Salt

    yes wileys! also the gucci little golf carts u see flying round all yank camps.
  3. Gonzo

    Gonzo LE

    Camp cots. When we arrived at Camp Arifjan for Telic 1 the septics had mounds of them stacked everywhere so, literally, hundreds were 'liberated' for our use. Very comfy and they don't tip over in the middle of the night like the old Brit issue ones.
  4. At the risk of re-igniting the Unisole bonfire, the M4 Carbine.
  5. paveway_3

    paveway_3 Crow

    Their cookhouses(chow halls) are out of this world .Of course us Brits raid their fridges
    to get as many cans of pop as possible . the Yanks just look at as us as if we are a bunch
    ''skip lickers''oh we are a bunch of skip lickers .
  6. batus_survivor

    batus_survivor Old-Salt

    Those tiny bottles of Tobasco?
  7. Steven

    Steven LE

    Those DPM poncho liners. A lifesaver in January up a very cold mountain when used as a sleeping bag inner.

    Slightly off topic but *shrug*.

    Favourite bit of issued kit from "foreign" military has to be the little boxes of red and white wine issued to the Italians at meal times.
  8. On Telic during the build up, i recall making a trip to Camp Doha and nearly dying when i entered the chow hall, steak and lobster and no end of other decent food. We were living on MRE's and range stew on a daily basis.

    Makes u realise how the other half live!!
  9. Saw the post about the mini Tabasco bottles and that made me realise that I really rate MREs - especially with their water activated heating element.
  10. paveway_3

    paveway_3 Crow

    Rickshaw you should try beef stew and dumplings with bisquits brown .
    MRE's are ace ..
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Ammo state, air force is quite tasty if its not popped too many pills too.
    Body armour, Bradley, Bino's,
    Camp beds/cots of course
    The Desert cam uniform looks fffing cutting edge to me

    I was going to do an alphabetical list then I realised I have better things to do. And I couldn't think of anything to begin with E
  12. MicknDarcyJo

    MicknDarcyJo Old-Salt

    Their little earlugs that come in the plastic box you can attach to your kit are ace. Ideal when there is a fcuking snorer in your midst....
  13. Oh, and how could I forget - the NBC suit. As an embed with the US I blagged a couple ("don't want to stand out as being different") and have to say that having a non-charcol lining and a requirement to only wear a set of grots underneath made sitting down range in '03 marginally less unpleasant.
  14. NJ05

    NJ05 Swinger

    I like the way the Americans try to stay fashionable whilst they work out. Theres masses of special US army tracksuits, Baseball jackets and other stuff. All the usual civvi clothes just with ARMY written across it in bright yellow! ha.
  15. RABC


    Those cots are great - anyone ever bought one ?? Swapped one for a beret once.