US Kit on excercise.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Sanguis, Apr 26, 2009.

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  1. Just recently one of my step brothers left the US Army. A couple of months ago he was over our way and he gave me a daysack, and a couple of other bits of gucci kit that he didn't want, since I was Army too and you know I might want it.

    I just threw it away in the shed once he left, as you do.

    Anyway, I'm on leave the now and I dug it out to go hiking with. Its an awesome pack totally versitile too what with all the pockets and stuff I can attach. But it has that wierd new DPM on it so I'm not sure if I'd be allowed to use it back in unit.

    Just wondering what people thought about it and if someone could clear up the issue.
  2. You could buy a cheap dpm daysack cover
  3. Some time back (months) saw pics of Paras on Exe,wearing US kit - actually branded U.S.Army...word is - it's BETTER than our issued kit !! 8O
  4. MOLLE II Rucksack or just the Assault pack?

    If its the assault pack the snaps in the outer pocket are for the 6 mag Bandoleer from the system.

    Frankly I cant stand the ACU uniform or Pattern, but not my choice. In 2004 I did use a DPM Arktis 42 Cdo Chest rig until My SDS RACK system arrived.
  5. Are you sure its not just different to our kit? I don't really care either way but we did have an RSM a few years back who had very strong views on the subject - US and other novelty cam is for walts. Get rid of it before I get rid of you (or something to that effect).
  6. In Sarawak (before most of you were born!) British bungle kit lasted less than six weeks. US boots were worth every crumb of the K-Rations Jam Roly-Poly they cost!
  7. Stop poncing up and down the cat walk worrying about borrowed kit. Get yourself a: set of boots DMS, puttees, 59 pattern webbing with a large pack full of sand, SLR, ammunition , LAW 66s, hat steel stupid with spike on inside and go for a long tab.

    After that you'll wear anything.

  8. Hmmm That's a new one
  9. I am of course referring to 58 pattern webbing combined with 69 pattern webbing!
  10. A few weeks ago the Anglians were doing pre deployment training on Barrossa training area above RMAS. They were all in desert DPM with the new rifle attachments and osprey but I also noticed a few of them (mainly NCOs) with ACU and Multicam daysacks.

    There is a CSgt at RMAS as well with a multicam MOLLE daysack complete with green union jack on the back.
  11. I've noticed those light-brown zip-up patrolpacks with all the MOLLE straps all over it on a couple of lads too. Nothing in another cam though, all in a lightish brown/khaki sort of colour...

    Seeing as most people buy their own daysack and that'd look about perfect for Afghan I'm thinking they probably brought them back. As for whether it's 'allowable' or not, I'm pretty sure your RSM will leave you in no doubt if its not!

    We will probably all be getting whatever the PECOC offering is soonish anyway.