US Kit in use by British?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Nick91, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. A couple of weeks back an old mate of mine returned from Afghanistan with the 1st Battalion the Royal Irish regiment after his 1st tour, however the photos he took of himself he had quite a few snaps of himself wielding an M4 along with the normal weaponry in use by most British soldiers and another snap that confused me was with a US Flag on the front of his body armour compared to the rest of squad mates.

    I've got interest in such questions that have puzzled me for many years (hopefully one day will join the TA or perhaps try the officer-route)

    I don't understand how they allocate equipment in the different regiments however am I right to assume it's generally based on what's available rather than what they want?

    Also, how are weapons distributed while on Operation? Do infantry get distributed weaponry based on the specific operation or is it similar to the other equipment or they are allocated based on comfort or preference? My mate in question had snaps of him with a Scoped Rifle, M4, SA80, L85A2?? and some sort of Anti-Infantry/structure rocket..

    Cheers in advance :)
  2. Have you thought of asking him why the flag and M4?
  3. Its called war porn. Guys pick up anything that goes "shooty-bang" or looks sexy and get their photos taken with it. It livens up facebook.
  4. To be honest I've not had the chance, however it was just a bit puzzling and thought somebody on here would perhaps explain why or maybe they've seen the same before. :|
  5. Normally it's because we steal weapons off the Americans, they hardly ever notice.
  6. As BWsamwatt says, plenty of 'war porn' with different kit goes on eg "lend us the minimi for a photo." The only thing that seems unusual is the US flag.
  7. Hence the nickname given to us by the cousins, "The Borrowers".
  8. Not really mate, you can pick up a million and one difference velcro patches on KAF/BSN, I particularly enjoyed my 'Morale Meter' one.

    Nick91, its just a case of your mate having a laugh, gucciing up his kit for photos and generally trying to impress his mates at home. We all do it.
  9. I know that, same as some other weird and wonderful badges, but why wear a US flag on your body armour? Unless I was an American, I wouldn't personally. Maybe that's just me though...
  10. I've seen Israeli, Norwegian and Soviet flags over people's bedspaces before, just one of those things, eh?!
  11. What this guy said....

  12. As a Joke we sewed a Canadian Flag to a guy from Buffalos DCU top in lieu of the US flag when we were in Baghdad.

    Amazing how many people didnt even notice
  13. As I said, must be me then :)
  14. Wot he said ^^^ normal form

    HAving said that its sometimes handy to have a flag they recognise somewhere obvious so you dont get brassed up :)
  15. Are you sure it was a M4 and not a DMR ?