US kills Iraqi firemen in error

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 25, 2006.

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  2. My bold.
  3. What else were they to do? Ignore it?
  4. Ignore it no, but to brass it up when the ID didn't even match the number given is piss poor drills.
  5. CNUTS. Typifies the Yank attitude.

  6. My bold (again). I'm not saying that mistakes don't get made, but this just seems pointless.
  7. You wait for one and then two come along together.

    Too confusing for those with limited intelligence.
  8. Impossible to pass comment without knowing the situation on the ground. The yanks are pretty useless at times, but I doubt even they pulled over a firetruck and brassed up its occupants without some kind of reason.
  9. You got it in one - limited intelligence (of the soldiers on the ground!)>
  10. Guys, get real!

    The yanks get a shout that insurgents have stolen a fire truck. They head on out to stop it, and when they encouter one, they pull it over.

    Going by past experience, the yanks will avoid getting to close to the vehicle in case it goes boom. Ever tried reading a number plate at a safe distance? It's hard to read one at 35m+ never mind the safe distance needed to protect against IED's.

    Why they fired upon the firemen is another question. The report does not say if they got out of the truck or if they pulled away.
  11. Fair comment, but there is still a culture within US forces of an indiscriminate use of force at times, which is little questioned in the US.
  12. Fallujah just saw a battalion handover. One reservist unit took over from another. It may be that the new Marines were still a little green. Just a little bit.

    The upside is that they recovered not one, but two fire engines that day!

  13. Maybe they needed a couple of bullet-holed firefighters uniforms for their Regimental Museum :oops:

    Doesn´t take much for a Yank to exercise his right to self-preservation.
  14. It is all a matter of context and circumstances. I know a Brit that fired at a fire engine.

    The US AOR is (or at least was) in the main much more lethal and intense than the Brit AOR. Most of the US Troops are on their second year-long tour and will by now have served in Afghanistan as well. Most patrolling Callsigns (those that actually leave camp) will have experienced a significant contact within their first month. If they are edgy, then I can understand why.

    I don't want to stiffle the debate and the fun one can have at the slightly ridiculous circumstances of finding oneself firing upon the blue-light services (I wish the Op FRESCO tw@s had a few 'warning shots') but is this thread really going to turn into another "trigger-happy-Yanks" slag-off?
  15. a bunch of bloody idiots- this sort of rubbish is happening too often. unnacceptable.