US kills 7 insurgents in surgical stike

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Filbert Fox, Aug 30, 2005.

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  1. The good old Septic "One step forward, two steps back"
  2. A success rate of 11.1%


  3. That'll be 56 more families supporting the insurgency then.
  4. If that's a surgical strike let's hope they never get to dishing out their casual, sloppy, or negligent strikes.
  5. Surgical strike - I assume that is US speak for bombing a doctor's surgery?
  6. "We had to destroy the ville to save it"

    Before everyone gets carried away , with what is being reported as another example of "smart" systems being defeated by the sloppy link , can we wait for some proper post-strike analysis?
  7. Kills 7 insurgents? That just leaves about a million to go then?
  8. A 'surgical strike'?
    That's the kind of surgery that Jack the Ripper went in for.
  9. Agreeing with Frenchperson here. Nothing surgical about a 2000lb JDAM. I hate these terms that make warfighting seem clinical and bloodless, and I was a crab FFS. It only makes the use of force easier to employ from a political standpoint and, as we now see, no longer a method of last resort.
  10. Channel 4 are reporting 47 dead.

    US military aren't giving out details on the total.

    If they were all bona fide black pyjama(?) wearing insurgents then I suspect the US military would be shouting the totals from the rooftops.
  11. Although I agree with most of the sentiments in this thread, how civilian can you be if you have insurgents living in your house with you ? It is possible that there was a typical "kill them all - let Allah sort them out" operation, however it is also possible that the "civilians" were n't that innocent. Best wait for the facts methinks !
  12. Simple experiment for you: pack your house with 2000lbs of HE, light the blue touch paper and retire. What would happen to the rest of your street?

    Now list the surnames of all the neighbours that had their houses destroyed, the names of their kids and the occupation of everyone who lives there. I'd be very surprised if you could get a clean sweep. Of course, the occupation bit is somewhat easier if you live in a married quarter.
  13. "The air attacks near the Syrian border killed at least seven militants, the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force said."