US Jungle Boots dated 1951


I have a pair of pretty good condition US green/black jungle boots, with the date of manufacture printed inside them as being 1951. Are they unusual in any way, or rare? I've got a mate I was going to hand them to, then my missus decided to try and find a rough value for them. I've seen a brand new pair dated 1965 go for about 35 quid on ebay....

Anyone have any idea if these are actually worth anything, or should I pass em on to my mate in exchange for a couple of beers....
The Boots are dated 1951? I'm under the impression that the Army was still issuing the World War II version ( which looked remarkably like the "Double Buckle" boots). Up until around 1958 or so all U.S.Army leather footware was in Russet shade, not black.
Yeah, I've done some digging about on the 'net, and found that the double buckled ones were still issued in 1960, but my boots definately have 1951 stamped in them...The earliest jungle style that we all know, seem to have been issued from 1964 onwards.....

Very puzzling....
Are you sure your boots are US? It is my understanding that the US military turned to Britain for jungle boot design, jungle 'boonie' cap design, etc.

Could your boots be British, or perhaps Australian?
British boots used in Malaya:

Australian boots used in Malaya:

The Brit ones served as the 'original' used by the US later on as the basis of their jungle boots.
ok....just had another look at the boots, and cant find the 'crows foot' mark anywhere......

The soles are the CIC vibram-style sole. Around the top of the ankle (where its reinforced) 11N is printed as well as what looks like 11266. Inside the top of the ankle is 11N again, and 1951.

If someone can let me know how to get pics on here, I'll take a couple and get em posted.....
D_D and RCS are correct on this one it seems. The US did not issue jungle boots until the Vietnam war, and they were based on an original British design.
For what it's worth.
During the Borneo campaign in 1965 my Bn was issued the Colt AR15 before US forces were issued them in Viet-Nam, soldiers were also selected at random to trial the new American jungle boots also before they were on general issue to US forces (as shown by Darth-D). The green canvas and rubber boots (the lower picture) were British jungle boots on general issue since the early 1950s, they lasted one patrol (if one was lucky!). The 'American' boots lasted longer though were not very popular at the time as they gave no grip on river crossings etc.

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