US issues Lebanon plot warning

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DrStealth, Nov 1, 2006.

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    "mounting evidence" ok then, what evidence?
    like the 'evidence' of WMD in iraq?
    like the 'evidence' of Saddams alliance with Al-Q and complicity in 9-11??

    the Repukes are going to start having to come up with facts that are collaborated by international int services.
    its getting a little harder for the plebs to belive them these days.

    or mybe its a certain apartied state just south of lebanon once more showing how it manipulates its agents.
  2. The intel coming from international Int. services is very publlic domain isn't it??? The first time any government does this is the last time any international Int Service is going to supply them with inteligence
  3. and lo and behold...... From that guardian of truth and critical military analysis.. Debka. :roll:

    Syria Is Stirring Up Lebanese Civil Strife, Stoking Two Anti-Israel Warfronts

    October 16, 2006, 9:29 PM (GMT+02:00)

    Just how big a deathgrip does the current Israeli administration have on the current US administration? Is there a little black dress gently chilling in a Frigidaire somewhere?

    As for toppling or destabilising the Lebanese Government, remind me who just bombed Lebanon hard, and said unkind things about the Government?

    Now here we are 2 months later, and all of a sudden "Oh this Government must not be interfered with"?

    Who writes these faerie stories? Does the left hand know what the right is doing, or is Israel now so hysterical it can't see that no Middle Eastern country poses a credible threat to the continuance of the state?
  4. It's the Boy Who Cried Wolf syndrome. Why should we believe them with elections on the way and the fact that they've f*cking lied at every opportunity.
  5. Didnt know Israel had any elections coming up....
  6. Someone is trying to destablise the Lebanese government ?

    Wouldn't that be Israel who invaded and otherwise wrecked the place in the not to distant past ?

    Or was that a calculated attempt to strengthen the government. Kind of an "all passes revoked until moral improves" solution.
  7. That Syria and Iran are trying to overthrow the Lebanese government would not surprise me. It is a weak government that is not overtly anti-Israeli, but there are quite a few hardliners among the population who are very anti-Israeli (including some in government). In all likelyhood the country would descend into another civil war, making it very easy to attack Israel across the borders without much chance of political repercusions. While Israel has no problems with invading stable countries, it has been caught up in a Lebanese civil war before, and would likely not want to repeat this summers exercise in those circumstances.

    What does surprise me is Israel's stupidity in destabilising the country this summer by its airstrikes and blockades. They have pretty much singlehandedly created the conditions that make the destabilisation or overthrow of the Lebanese government possible.

    If I were Lebanese, I would be thinking, Why us? Why are three governments (who don't like each other) trying to wreck our Government? Why can't they do it in their own countries?
  8. You got to hand it to the Yanks, they really do have skin thicker than a rhino, and the memory of turd.

    No sh1t Sherlock! And just what was a neighbouring country doing by attacking it from land, sea and air just a few short weeks ago??? :evil:

    But Israel's attempt to, 'take it back to the stoneage' was OK??? :x

    And who caused all that instability then? :? Big hint here: Israeli warplanes buzz Beirut

    Is it really that difficult?

    Just how do they have the brass balls to try this one on?????
    Let me try to get this straight...

    Israel failed in both its explicit and implicit war aims.
    The US and UK were unable to delay the UNSCR any longer.
    The US (and UK) is persona non grata in UNIFIL.
    The US is now miffed that they have lost influence in Lebanon to France and China - two other UNSC permanent members.
    The US in particular has massive egg on its face.
    Israel is coming under increasing pressure from UNIFIL to halt its provocative overflights.

    Let's find a reason to attack, invade, occupy and provoke where our good friend Shlomo failed - and continues to fail!!!!
  9. And it now seems funnily enough that the ex-Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was probably 'killed by suicide bomber' according to the investigators this BBC piece, which is generally not the sort of thing the Syrian intelligence services do. Love the bit at the end from Bolton about them not being in the clear yet when if memory serves no-one's ever actually provided any real solid evidence to put them in the frame for it rather than just saying well oh course the Syrians did it repeatedly.