US issue sleeping bag

I'm not long back from tour and with my op allowance burning a hole in my pocket and my softie SF system on its last legs I'm looking for a replacement.
I like my current bags but they would be expensive to replace.
I found the US system on a few site's (kitmonster for one) and it seems similar to the sf system if maybe a little heavier.
has anybody used this sleeping system and is it any good?
I have, all 3 versions

The Original Brown bag, the Woodland & the ACU.

Bulky, but I used it during many Ft. Drum, NY winter FTX's
I take it your talking about the US sleep system that has a camouflage zipped bivvi bag, a thick black sleeping bag and a thin green sleeping bag in a large compression sack?

I have had one since the beginning of last year. In my opinion a top bit of kit. I haven't been cold enough to warrant using the green bag in the black along with the bivvi bag yet, but have used both seperately and the bivvi bag is pretty good too. press studs hold it all together down the zip side.

I'm not sure how much these sites are selling them for but i struck it lucky and got the lot brand new in a vaccum packed bag for £60! Bargain and would have bought more if i could.

The complete system is very bulky (larger than the bouncing bomb issue doss bag!) and the compression sack in a bit shit. I use the thinner bag in a jungle compression sack.

Hope that helps
I've got one too, well worth the money!

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