US Iraq Rotations to be Reduced in 2006

Iraq rotations to diminish by 2006

By Matthew Cox
Times staff writer

Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Richard Cody said today that rotations to Iraq would likely start getting smaller by 2006.
Cody said he anticipated that the brigades deploying to Iraq during the 2006-2008 rotation would likely go with fewer soldiers and less equipment than the force that’s currently deploying for the 2005-2007 rotation.

“It could be less combat patrol companies or it could be less equipment or a combination there of,” the vice chief told a group of reporters.

Cody wouldn’t give any numbers, but adjustments will be likely be made in April after General George Casey, the commander of Multinational Forces-Iraq, makes a recommendation to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“In April Gen. Casey will come back to the joint staff and lay out what he thinks the next rotation should look like.”

mmm less blokes on the ground and/or less kit?? no mention of fewer taskings though.... could this be an angle on the recruitment difficulties being reported at the moment? .... 8O

sort of same old sh*t but hey guys theres gonna be less of ya to do it and with less kit to boot ..... bonus!!!!
if thats the case then hopefully the Iraqi will be up to it.
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