US Iran attack plans revealed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Contrarian, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Disturbing or necessary, or both? A dying super power or the dominant force of the 21st century?

    BBC news
  2. Posturing?

    In the old days we had to rely on white hats, red coats and straight lines of troops to scare "the natives".

    Only time will tell if it's a bluff.

  3. Bit of a non-story,

    The BBC must be drawing upon some high placed sources in the US military/government in order to have come to that conclusion.
  4. What a load of rubbish !
  5. Hopefully you won't have to eat your words.
  6. I reckon Israel will beat them to it....

  7. No biggie. CENTCOM would be planning this stuff as a matter of course. Gives the planners something to do.

    I would be interested to hear what new stuff they're thinking of trying out that would avoid the catastrophe that's been predicted each time they've tried to game out a scenario that I'm aware of .
  8. Our American Friends have developed a system to take out the C3 of an enemy.
    Sodam was just a sick joke, with a massive Force designed to hold thepopulace in place. Sodam the man who introduced WW I trench warfare to the late 20th Century Blitzkriek.
    No one seems to have worked out a practical solution to ground base 'Irregular Armies' with no obvious C3.
    The new Rooshin AA systems may provied a major challange and perhaps by now some have worked out a 'Solution' to Stealth which only claims Very Low levels of Visability and not total 'Disapearance.
    More time and effort will be 'Spent'on securing the Aircrewwho are shot down and incarcarated in the new modern rendition programs now beloved of the US government.
  9. So, were someone to flatten out the odd nuclear site or two just possible the owners might object and respond with somethig a little stronger than a firmly worded letter.

    So not really amazing that this someone would also want to

    "target Iranian air bases, naval bases, missile facilities and command-and-control centres " is it??

    And this is passed off as the BBC making informed comment. Who planted that one then?
  10. The enemy gets a vote too - and I've no doubt that the Iranian plans to retaliate are fairly well advanced.

    The Iranians do not intend to fight the sort of war the US can win. There will be no massed armour lined up ready for a turkey shoot, rather a slow steady remorseless grinding down of US forces and supply lines. Expect the insurgency in Iraq to blow wide open, as Iraqis are forced to choose between the foreigners with the indiscriminate approach to "force protection" and the history of pulling out of foreign countries and their neighbours who know how to hold a grudge. Simultaneously you'll see a sustained attack on US supply lines, which are currently civvy run and civvy protected. Of course the US can switch air power to deal with - but then they've taken it away from bombing Iran.

    At sea the Iranians will surge everything - finally we'll get some real world data to back up all those simulations of swarm tactics. All they need to do is get lucky once - just one Sunburn, one torpedo - in some of the most congested water on the planet - and the IO war will have been won.

    As for Iran's oil, just wait for the Chinese and Indian warships to turn up and start stooging round near the Iranian oil facilities thet feed their countries. Interfering in another nations energy supplies is a direct threat - verging on an act of war. Just ask the US.
  12. yup, the Revolutionary Guards have been running a large-scale defensive exercise over the last couple of days

    things are hotting up...
  13. Sssshhhhhh!!! Don't tell Dick Cheney!