US involvement in the Philippines

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by lancslad, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. Currently in Manila on business and whilst having breakfast this morning at the hotel caught sight of a Filipino Major General sitting down to breakfast with a US Lt. Col and later on a full Col. joined them. For clarity - do the PH armed forces use the same rank badges? The Lt Col wore a US army ID badge but the accent was very much filipino.

    Anyway I digress, so I'm sitting there munching on a croissant and supping on the first tea of the day watching the toing & froing as various NCOs approached and disappeared. All seemed very convivial although I did have to smile when the US Col. advised the General of the unsuitability of gifts to US personnel or rather their wives :D

    Afterwards I was wondering just how involved the US are in the Philippines? I've been around the islands a few times including Mindano (where my client kindly gave me an armed escort 8O ) but haven't really seen much evidence of the US until now -only what has been reported on the news. Any of our US brethren have any reportable detail?

  2. US Special Forces are very active in Mindanao. There are long and close ties between the US and Filipino forces.
  3. Perhaps this can shed some light:

    Joint US Military Assistance Group Link
  4. The USMC sent some people there not long ago to help clear a mudslide that buried a school (the UN must have been busy)