US investigates new Iraq killings


The US military has opened a criminal investigation into the alleged killing of an Iraqi family by US soldiers.

Little official detail has been given, but unnamed officials say the inquiry includes the alleged rape of one of the victims before she was killed.
Two soldiers from the same regiment were captured, mutilated and killed earlier this month.

Some reports suggested that this event may have spurred the soldiers to come forward with information about the alleged killings.
So it was likely a revenge, bloody revenge in oriental style.

This is the fifth investigation in recent months into allegations of killings of civilians by American forces in Iraq, but the first to allege rape.
Though it is not the first alleged rape.

February 23, 2005.

The US military has confirmed that it is investigating an allegation that an American soldier raped a female detainee in Iraq.

Claims of sexual misconduct by US military personnel surfaced last year during the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, but this is the first known case of a soldier being accused of raping a detainee.

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