US interferes with Canadian international commerce

Discussion in 'Canada' started by RCSignals, Jul 22, 2005.

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  2. Once they round up the kingpins...'Eli Lilly and Co., Pfizer Inc. and GlaxoSmithKline'...then the war will be won!
  3. This couldn't be retaliation for Canadian customs seizing American gay porn at the border a couple of years back...could it? :D
  4. It's possible, TankiesYank, but I can't see Canada Customs being worried about that, unless there was money owing :lol:
  5. GW Bush needs it for a pipeline.
  6. Yeah one of Haliburtian's new public works projects...just watch out for the 'snake oil'...
  7. I saw where these guys are 'not' Hells Angles...
  8. Just because they weren't wearing patches on the back doesn't mean they weren't Hells Angels Insp fogarty.

    However, if they weren't they and their accomplices will now also have the Hells Angels to contend with. Competition is not acceptable!
  9. Wheres the thread about the representative of the Queen of England deciding the fate of the Prime Minsiter of Canada a few months back?
  10. Nay, the Magic Negro needs his Canadian Red