US in Iraq until 2009

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Acid_Tin, Apr 11, 2005.

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    I know it's that wretched rag, and so completely suspect, but it's not entirely unexpected either!
  2. Interesting to see how well we are playing this game as well now.

    Link that General John merely rearticulates the status-quo whilst subtly raising the issue of corporate integrity - good work fella! :D
  3. The Army is considering lowering troop strength in Iraq in early 2006 by 40,000 troops - which would leave around 100,000. Also there would be a redeployment of brigades out of quiet areas into those with a significant tango presence.
  4. That'll please the wife, and so will the shorter deployment lengths. Of course, that means when I come back from the Sandbox I'll have to hear forever more from other vets that I didn't do the "proper" tour like they used to :).
  5. Lets be optimistic. That means that there are more troops available for other sunny locations.
    It keeps us all in business and not upsetting the general public at home.
  6. I am not surprised that forces will be staying in Iraq, Iraq has been under the brutal rein of Saddam for too long and have forgotten Dilomacy in every aspect. They are now proesting for the of iraq where under saddams rule, they would be executed. However the longer they are under a diplomatic country the more civilised they will become.
  7. Look, Germany is no longer fun for peacetime soldiering, exercises et cetera. If we bung as much money at the BAOE (British Army of the Euphrates) as we did at BAOR, then the Iraqis will be made up. The villa next to Herman the German's in Ibiza will be Aftab the Arab's...the up side is there will be no poxie frikkadelles in the schnelly wagon on Al Soltau or Bin Trauen ranges.

    I tried to get people excited about moving to the RS or Kosovo but maybe the sunny Iraqi vistas, along with their horrid winter glooms will be attractive to DAT? It would be like a cross between Canada and vogelsang - but with noisome insects a la Belize...perfect for pi**ing the boys and girls off but not involving DAMCON. And no annoying claims for personal injuries from Kenyans...
  8. Subtly?

    I've read the transcript of this interview as well as a few others with General John. No offense, but the man seems very redundant to me. He keeps saying the same thing over and over again over the course of his deployment there.
    But just out of curiousity, is this guy English or Welsh or Irish or Scottish?
  9. CarrotGirl

    Lt Gen Sir John Kiszely is late Scots Guards.
  12. Hackle
    I'm so sorry if that was offensive to you. I really meant nothing by it, and I've read interviews with both the British and the American leaders in Iraq Lt Gen Kiszely and Gen Casey and I have a lot of respect for him specially after the latest interview. Casey maybe not as much. I'm just saying that that he has been repeating stuff all the time about the length of the deployment and everything without people getting a clue that the British troops will be there as long as they're needed, so that is getting redundant. It's not meant to be an attack on him, I assure you. Thanks for the information about the Scots Guards. :) Is the general in question Scottish?
  13. It's called using "talking points" by the PR people. You keep repeating the same thing and the theory is that the message will strike home.

    If the message appears confusing it's usually because it's meant to be. Bear in mind that this is basically for the (voting) public's consumption and not necessarily for the fighting men and women. The boffins figure that if the average voter can't get the gist of an "answer", and the issue doesn't directly affect them, they'll bugger off, carry on with their own lives and forget about it. Naturally, most on this site are paying close attention to this issue and, understandably get pissed off when they can't get a straight answer.

    You'll have seen this done in every political interview you've ever seen. It just appears odd to you because it's only recently that HM Forces' media people have been getting savvy to it.
  14. Calypso,

    Good points.