US House leader will not resign

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 6, 2006.

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    I see the "brazen it out at all costs" attitude is alive and well on the other side of the pond :evil:
  2. I hope he stays on.Check this out:,2933,218043,00.html

    This from the Republican's propaganda mouthpiece.

    I especially like the part about a 50 seat loss.
  3. Will he be asked to leave to limit damage , or do they really think they can ride this one out?
  4. Yes its amazing that the Republicans don't realise that the American Public dont rate the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA as much as they so obviously do.

    Their attempt to dismiss the whole thing as 'naughty emails' seems to show that Karl Rove is losing his touch.
  5. On the contrary he has managed to turn the whole debate into what "gayness" does to a normal man.Apparently Mark Foley was a closet liberal Democrat and if the Republicans lose then more of this is going to happen because Democrats are pro gay.No specifics given , of course.

    Only in America doest the molester become the victim in the span of a few days.BTW as much as I detest him,Rove is a genius.
  6. This man is more than spin doctor, he's an evil genius. Especially if he makes this one fly.
  7. And he very well might.
  8. -Well, it seems to have worked for Congressman Gerry Studds(D-Ma.) back in the 1983 scandal. He not only refused to resign for having sex with an underage Boy, but held a press conference with the Boy and wound up Re-Elected 5 more times.

    The Republican Congressman Dan Crane, caught at the same circumstances with an Underage Girl resigned.
  9. Linedoggie, that was then this is now.

    1983 might as well be last century.Just found out that Gingrich is not too clean either.

    Or is this a vast leftwing conspiracy too?
  10. Not at all, Mark Foley, (Tom was a former speaker of the House) is filth, of that theres no doubt. they should hang Kiddiefiddlers by the scrote, whatever the political affiliation.
  11. -"real change .org"? yeah theres a Balanced non-partisan group :roll: why not just call them FoxLeft?
  12. Except that he wasn't underage though. Age of consent for the District amd his State back then was 16 or 17 from what I've read, which this guy was. Granted the nearly 20 year age gap was a little odd and there was the whole question of doing a subordinate at work but it wasn't illegal.
  13. Studds was a well established entirley different circumstance, but that’s been trotted out by the politicos to help them further their agenda.

    Check Wikipedia or the such, Studds relationship was completely consensual and completely legal, when it hit the media he simply held a conference with the chap and told everyone to **** off because it was their private business.

    This is the case of a guy essentially coming onto underage teenagers (I believe out of the ten or so only a few were legal) via IM and being all round lewd and creepy, whilst sitting as the head of the committee to deal with child related laws. I also love the fact Fox (the paragon of virtue that they are) have been calling him a Democrat, which is funny seeing as he switched parties to Republican from Democrat in the early 80's.
  14. well come on , fox? I wouldnt trust them as far as I could throw a Piano. Foley's guilty, no doubt about it. Now he's trying to weasel out by claiming he was molested by a Priest, he's an Alky, Typical denial.