Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by babiesarm, Apr 7, 2004.

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  1. the revenge attacks probably won't even stop for the weekend after that.

    the yanks don't seem to be learning many lessons.
  2. First hand account from some US bint in the thick of it...

  3. Presumably this was the British governor, ballsing things up?
    Dangerous to comment at a distance, facts unclear, but it doesn't sound unrealistic. True FCO bedwetting form, I suspect.
    Actions on having any politico or u/s civi with you in a tight spot-plasticuff them, treat them as PWs and explain it to the inquiry after. Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

    On the other hand, this girl could have been very green indeed, and not been too sure of what you can and can't get away with. She writes well, though. Not sure about the cats, though.
  4. I was certain that civvies - all civvies came under a military commander in the field, regardless of that soldier's rank?
    A decent full-screw or sergeant would have told the gov to Fcuk off - though maybe an officer wouldn't...
  5. Certainly UK civs (civ servants and some contractors) who are part of UK units are under command of the CO of that unit, and are subject to military law. However, FCO pers and journos are subject to different rules, as far as I know.
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I read this as a rather scared junior soldier (face it, four yanks? The highest ranking guy might be a Sgt). NB: I SAW a morter explode 50m from where I was... I've seen morters come that close on live firing ranges, if she was in a multi-story building all she needs to do is stay low in a centre of a room surely. And a 21 hour ambush doesn't occur at a government building, ambushes only happen when you are mobile.

    The fact that 400-500 bad guys were shooting up her compound but didn't assault it or gain entry indicates to me that either the Iraqi's are worse than I thought or that she was worrying about nothing, perhaps the estimate of en forces was a little over? NB: They were shooting at us across the river.... hardly indicates they were planning an amphibious assault...

    The ex-mil guys loading up their vehicles and turning lights on indicate to me that perhaps it was she that was worried and over-reacting and they were calmly going about their business. Certainly if any female pfc hiding from incoming in a corridor pointed her weapon at me we'd be having words.

    The failure of 'higher' to provide support in a timely manner would normally indicate that they (higher) are crap but something tells me that maybe they just didn't see it as badly as four scared americans nco's did. Or alternately they were Brits and the only hele available had a mandatory crew rest....

    Her gripe about not get the CIF medal (sp?) seems fair as no where did she say she engaged the enemy. As far as I can tell she went up on the roof and then hid in a corridor.

    As for the Brit FCO chap, he does sound like a tosser, but then so were his security team apparently so perhaps a scared pfc's opinion matters less to me - after all, it woudl appear that everyone that wasn't screaming for help was wrong in her opinion.

    Perhaps if she had also done Bos, Kos, NI, SL I would respect this woman but in the absence of any proof that she wasn't mobilised NG I have little respect for her contact report.....

    I'm off to plump up the cushions on my arm chair now