US Helicopters Kill Police In Blunder

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_0ne, Feb 9, 2007.

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    Here we go again........:
  2. Perhaps those who were quick to chuck around 'utterly, utterly useless' with regards to the RAF Harrier pilots caution in the CAS role in Afghan a while back could eat some humble pie and admit they were wrong.
  3. I don't see how yanks being worse makes the crabs any less bad?
  4. All americans are the same, brought up on cowboy films and taught to shoot first and not to worry about the consequences as their government doesnt recognise the laws of other countries and hey they might be the enemy one day!!
  5. Well the comment made from Afghan was that the Harrier pilots wouldn't drop their bombs as close as the yanks did, to which the pilots in question responded that they wouldn't relaes unless the targets could be clearly identified, something it seems the yanks have no quarms over.

    I believe the RAF policy of not lobbing bombs at anything that moves is the reason we haven't had an RAF blue on blue in a long time.
  6. Or then again they might point out that this comment was made regarding CAS that missed massed enemy in the open by 400m on a clear day and that managed to put a salvo of rockets intended for the enemy into a clearly marked and long established fixed defensive position occupied by friendly troops who'd been calling on that same CAS for weeks.

    Utterly, utterly crab.
  7. Was anyone killed?
  8. I think I'll wait for the further reports on this incident. Something in the intial reports doesn't read right.
  9. The US military said the attack was launched after soldiers identified armed men in a bunker near a building which they thought was being used for bomb-making.

    The troops called for the men to put down their weapons in Arabic and Kurdish and fired warning shots, a spokesman said.

    Helicopters fired at the bunker, killing the five men and detaining nine others who were later identified as Kurdish officers.

    Officials with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the party headed by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, said the helicopters had hit a guard post.

    I can't believe their intelligence was this bad as PTP said something doesnt ring true here
  10. Hmm. Could be a 'Chinese Embassy' type deal? "Oh, really sorry, we thought your embassy was a military storage depot. Those 3 direct hits on the military attache's secton were a complete accident!".
  11. I heard a story about this from a Canadian officer who writes stuff for Janes, apparently thats where the Americans got their info for the targetting systems
  12. True Stacker. But carrots has a point: i'd just as rather not have gungho idiots who'll lob something on the basis it might be an enemy as CAS who'll consider it very carefully in a committee for a week (lets face it crabs are neary civvies most of the time) then still miss. No crab blue-on-blues yet? Possibly due to number of strikes, possibly better training, possibly luck.
  13. I have to laugh at your immature and uneducated opinion of us, it is rather comical. Since stumbling onto this website, my personal opinion of the Brits has changed somewhat. And yes, I know, YOU DON'T GIVE A SHIT. :thumright:
  14. Belly You should ignore the inane ramblings of some on here but the fact remains British service people have been killed in friendly fire incidents and yet the people responsible are held accountable thats what gets our backs up more than anything. In fact with reagrd to the othe thread running at the moment you promote and give a medal to a man who should be facing a court martial. Thats not just my opinion but one of your top generals according to the papers today.