US hegemony in Middle East is ending

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. No of course, the USA has a full controll over the ME

  2. Rather disagree, there are no significant changes

  3. Maybe, but still the USA is a decision maker in the ME

  4. Partially agree

  5. Yes, it's true

  6. US hegemony? Washington acts by orders from Israel


    Do you agree that US hegemony in the Middle East is ending?
  2. Who else has a super carrier in the region with an air compliment capable of bringing any five nations to their knees? Oh... okay... yeah, no change. ;)
  3. Remind me again -- how many carriers was it they had off the coast of Vietnam?
  4. Nobody is paying anybody a compliment! The word is COMPLEMENT you dipsh1t! How can you expect to be taken seriously when you can't even fcukin' spel?

    Edited to make sure I made the point
  5. And your point was I fat fingered my keyboard? Oops... mea culpa. Add something usefull or go play in the NAAFI.

    KGB agent, alas that air power was woefully under utilized... slightly differant method of operating these days with substantially more capable airframes and ordinance.
  7. I think US 'hegemony' in the ME was always more of a wet-dream than a reality. After all, they've not been all that successful in either reining Israel in or stopping Saudi Arabia exporting Wahhabiism. Hegemony is as hegemony does.
  8. differant...

    It is an interesting new word. It is likely a combinatter of words
    to differ and a rant.
  9. Agreed. There was no anything like hegemony before. So something non-existent can not vanish. And changes in the ME are not so profound.
  10. Exactly... on a side note, peas forgive my attempt to derail this silly thread by getting all the spell checkers to post. ;)