US Hearts and Minds working overtime - Marines filmed urinating on bodies.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 2/51, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Bugger..double post..sorry chaps..did a search, but not on "Piss" Please remove post haste!
  2. Can't see anything outside the NAAFI.

    Strikes me as unprofessional childish stupidity, but at least they were actually Taliban this time.
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  3. Good job the Taliban don't do anything unpleasant to Allied captives alive or dead.
  4. Yeah well I thought we were the good guys?

    WTF do they always have to film this shit anyway?
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  5. Stupidity does not respect religious, national or cultural boundaries!
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  6. Complete stupidity and a PR + recruiting boost for the baddies. They will get found out and made an example of, rightly so. Even in the fog of a contact, you know what is right, and what isn't. Personally, I would have ensured the evidence never got out, I remember the phots of our lucky victims were conviscated by the RAF Police. Was pleased to see the Taliban morality department at work though, who recognised the video as shameful and not human. Things must have moved on leaps and bounds since my last tour if this is their current stance on such things. I recall they had less morals when kids were losing limbs for attending school in Nad Ali, and toddlers were brought in by wheelbarrow behind parents who couldn't speak cause their innocent kids were minus their wee scalps after picking up an IED which had been discarded outside a compound. Seems, dialogue does wonders for the soul. Good times.
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  7. this is so soft-core, (but quality). now it they'd sliced the guys' meat and two veg off, and stuck in in their gobs, (alive or dead), now we're getting hard-core.
  8. In the last few weeks I have found videos in the public domain showing:

    a) 3 men (in Arab rig) hog-tied, thrown into a hole that they had dug themselves, had a litre of meths poured over their heads by their Taliban captors & "woomf". Death took several seconds & presumably came via flame inhalation......

    b) A woman (in 'Julie Andrews' rig) publicly hung with 2 men by crane in Iran. She pissed herself in mid air while the crowd laughed/applauded.

    c) 16 captive Pakistani SF lined up & gunned down after a presumed islamic surmon from their captors. They then slotted each individual with a head shot to ensure they were dead.

    & lets not forget the beheadings of Ken Bigley & Daniel Pearl.

    Before Karzai & Co take the moral high ground or the Pentagon commence their Witch hunt I suggest they consider the above.

    Footnote: Could the release of this video be an attempt to influence the US Presidential election?
  9. There is absolutely no need for perspective. As far as I am concerned, pissing on dead enemies is a perfectly permissible cultural expression of disrespect.

    Well done lads. (but stupid for filming it).
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  10. We are the good guys, just some bad apples get through...

    Unlike Terry, who are the bad guys and maybe some good guys get mixed up in with them.
  11. The media are a disgrace they like to pick and choose what stories they like to tell whilst everytime that scum do acts that are beyond belief do we ever see such stories being mentioned by the media not by a longshot . If i were to meet any of those in a bar I would happily buy them a drink and shake there hand !!. If the footage was never filmed or uploaded not a pipsqueak would be said .
  12. If your "Mate" is a complete knob called Bubba, who insists on filming your every move, then it is worth considering him as a suitable recipient for your first round during a contact.
  13. Wot he said.