US health report on mental health and moral

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. March 6, 2008

    Study finds U.S. troop morale up in Iraq, but those in Afghanistan have depression

    By Pauline Jelinek, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

    U.S. troop morale improved in Iraq last year, but soldiers fighting in Afghanistan suffered more depression as violence there worsened, an army mental health report says.

    And in a recurring theme for a force strained by its seventh year at war, the annual battlefield study found once again that soldiers on their third and fourth tours of duty had sharply greater rates of mental health problems than those on their first or second deployments, according to several officials familiar with the report.

    All spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the findings ahead of the study's release Thursday.
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  2. Taliban destroy 4th mobile phone tower
    Digg Newsvine Reddit FacebookWhat's this?KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) — Taliban militants blew up another telecom tower in southern Afghanistan — the fourth such attack since the insurgents warned phone companies to shut down the towers at night.
    The militants targeted the electricity generator and equipment base station of a tower Wednesday morning on the main highway in southern Zabul province, said provincial police chief Gen. Yaqoub Khan. The tower was owned by the Areeba company.
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  3. Thanks Skynet. The linked article is not long, but interesting reading, I thought. For example, this bit:

    This appears to be the Battlemind website, although seemingly not an official DoD site: LINK. It has comprehensive materials aimed at "Soldiers, Leaders, National Guard/Reserves, and families."
  4. Yes I agree MOD may wish to study this and take any appropriate action.
  5. I wonder if it would be worthwhile having these useful links as a permanent feature on ARRSE for those going on deployments?

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  7. We can but try!