US HE Grenades

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Exrivofrigido, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. Chaps,

    I have been pointed in this direction in the hope that someone may be able to set me straight. I've been spammed to set up a grenade range for my current multinational unit. We have plenty of sand, some of which is in piles, so will be OK for cover, but will be using US M67 grenades. Whilst they look very similar to our own beloved L109, and I'm led to believe do much the same job, I'm nonetheless keen to ensure that nobody leaves the range with more holes than they brought to it (IDF notwithstanding).

    I wonder if anyone out there has access to the pam for that particular grenade, or could point me in the direction of it online? I very much doubt that the M67 can be nastier than the L109, so will work to our safety distances for planning, but it would be nice to be certain!
  2. The M-67 is a fragmentation grenade, not HE.
  3. For all year round training you should set up an indoor one..........
  4. And don't forget to get a can of striped paint to mark out the safety areas.
  5. I'd recommend in between the indoor mortar range and the trilux battery store. Failing that you could try the Skyhook Building ;)
  6. If it's a multinational unit, surely you'll have access to the range pams (or equivalent) for the grenade you will use?

    Why not do the job properly - I'm sure references to ARRSE will not be acceptable to a coroner from any country should something go wrong...
  7. Shows how much you know. I was recently able to kill a man with my bare hands and all I needed was a post from an Arrse mod for the county sheriff to clear me.

    Of course we do things different here...
  8. BARE HANDS, Virgil? No gloves? Now if you'd been in the UK, the 'Elf 'n' Safety wallahs would have been all over that like a gullet from a bun.

  9. Damn - I was going to put 'arrse' and 'wikipedia' as Refs A and B in my RASP. No, we don't have any US pams, though I'm trying all avenues to get them. Fear not, I'm not a 'cutting corners' sort of chap, at least when it comes to chucking lethal things about. I was merely wondering if anything was published on t'interweb in the manner of Battle Box. Other avenues include the US Bde next door and a QMSI back home via email. You won't be reading any juicy BOI reports with my name on them, inshallah.

    (If all else fails we'll just scatter the bodies around and claim it was IDF.)
  10. Contact the Army School of Ammunition (Kineton) request the PAM's from them, they should all number of NATO pam's
  11. Will do - many thanks.
  12. Not sure the School will have these...

    A better bet would be to chase up through your chain of command to the nearest US LO and request the TM from him/her, but I'm not sure it will help you much with range design.

    The M67 is more similar to the L2 than the L109, however If I remember correctly they come ready fuzed. I would go ahead and implement a grenade range as you would in UK as the performances of the grenade are roughly equivalent.

    The main difference is likely to be procedural. As the grenades comes ready primed, there is no need per-say for a priming bay, however if I were you I would keep the grenades in their cans up to the priming bay and then have the grenade checked for proper pin placement before removing them from the can in the priming bay. Either that or have a grownup unpack the grenade in the priming bay and hand them to the throwing bay supervisor to give to the thrower...

    Up to you really...
  13. I'm not familiar with British grenade ranges but I would assume they would do the trick.

    I would ensure you have some water pits roughly 1 meter deep behind the throw pits if you are talking about an impromptu range, grenade sumps, all that stuff.

    The M67 frags with pentagon shaped bladed fragments if memory serves. Really nasty stuff. Ready primed, make sure the pins and spoons and safety clips are properly seated prior to removing from the cans.

    Max kill range is 5 meters.
    Max Casualty Range is 15 meters
    Max Fragment Range is 230 meters

    When I used to be on the range the primary instructor and thrower were the only ones in the pit. The instructor would remove the grenade from the can, remove the safety clip and hand to the thrower.

    Instructor would watch for such things as; Thrower throwing pin instead of grenade, dropped grenades, thrower freezing up and not throwing.. etc.

    I assume you folks look for the same things.
  14. Nige what he said in spades! If anything goes wrong and you haven't got the correct Pams and carried out a proper assessment of the Safety Areas, throwing procedues etc then your arrse will be in a spam slicer! If you have never been on a BoI you wil find it is populated by experts who have never fecked up in their lives :D

    Ring Defence Ordnance Safety Group or whatever they are called these days. They are part of the Abbeywood organisation and should be able to supply you with a safety template - its their job.

    If you need a number pm but have a look at may avatar and I am not in tomorrow :D I will be on Friday but FFS do not touch one of these things until you have the correct docs.