US guns sales soar after Barack Obama's re-election

Discussion in 'US' started by mac1, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. "Owners of guns have been stocking up because they are concerned about a potential tightening of regulations on assault weapons in the president's second term.
    In October the number of background checks on people applying to buy guns, an indicator of future sales, increased by 18.4 per cent.

    There was a similar jump when President Obama was first elected in 2008. A total of 12.7 million background checks were carried out that year, up from 11.2 million the year before, and the number has been rising since then."

    US guns sales soar after Barack Obama's re-election - Telegraph

    Thass the spirit - proactive and uncompromising. Rights and freedoms don't defend themselves.
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  2. Hahaha.
    Obama isnt going to touch that with a barge pole given real issues and the silly version of what passesfor the assualt rifle ban.
    Its simply not worth the hassle to take the guns away.

    Not when the UN is coming to do it :)
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  3. I wish we could have surge in gun sales every time there was a UK election......
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  4. Hardly surprising, however I do wonder just who put it about that Obama is not gun friendly? A little voice inside me says gun trade. Surely not, honi soit qui mal y pense.
  5. Who could possibly think that a black American politician might be prejudiced against tooled-up rednecks?
  6. Best go get yer tinfoil cousin Cleatus, that durn uppity nigrah fellas baahk in the Whaate Haase…

    Cue banjo's
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  7. Obama probably isnt a big fan of guns and would really like to cut the number of guns that are killing people in urban areas.

    But given the way the US behaves he's not touching it with a barge pole.
  8. Over in Oregon, my cousin - a democrat [!] - has just spent a good slice of his 401 on updating his stockpile of 5.56, 7.62NATO, 7.62x39, 7.62Russian, .40cal and 12 gauge. After our last visit we were down to less than five thousand of a couple of them, and we really don't like the feeling of running out any time soon.

    Got a couple more truck guns, too - one 12g and a Saiga.

    You can really never have too many truck guns, y'know.

  9. There's no stopping Obama. First the Nobel Peace Prize, now the NRA's highest honour!^_^

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  10. Hardly gun control, if I got this right most States let you have guns that go bang--bang--bang not rat-ta-tat 'cept in certain States where you can own Boom Bang Thump?
  11. US gun control measures make ares look sane in comparison.
    The feared assualt rifle ban was not a ban on semi automatic rifles with magazines above a certain amount, which however way you look at it would at least be understanable.

    But a ban on weapons with certain features too many and it was scary and evil so banned folding stock fine folding stock with a bayonet lug evil ban. Flash hider evil ban. Muzzle break fine ( diffence depends on what the manufacterer calls it?.)
  12. I wish we could have a surge in (legal) pro-gun activity full stop...things might not have got as bad as they have...
  13. IIRC (it surprised me), at the start of his presidency, a black man turned up at a right wing political rally of some sort with an assault rifle.
  14. His Attorney General has been very vocal (at least before taking that position) against firearms ([video=youtube;GNE5vuI9TNo][/video] ) and I would not be at all surprised that the real reason for Fast and Furious turns out to be a botched "false flag" op.

    As for Him, as do most politicians, He speaks from both sides of his mouth--he usually leads off with a vague acknowledgement of the 2d Amendment that invariably is followed by a "but" that effectively guts the individual right to carry arms expressly provided in that Amendment. See for example the video in the next post:
  15. [video=youtube;q-4jqZSEo0Q][/video]