US Gun Control – self funding fiscal stimulus by the backdoor?

I work with a couple of very nice American chaps

Since Biden has been working on gun control proposals, they have been buying a lot of AR type semi autos and ammo online. They have noticed that demand has pushed up prices by at least 3 or 4 times, if not more. Some ARs are changing hands on ebay for over $7k a piece. (i do keep suggesting THE rifle to them as a good alternative, however they cost even more - good taste these ex-colonials!)

After seeing this article with some wishful thinking and impracticalities an idle thought came to mind:

If a third of republican voters from the last election (similar demographic to 2 colleagues) or @20 million Americans spent at least $2.5k each on gearing up ahead of a ban/gun control, that would create a $50billion fiscal stimulus straight off, if not subsequently exceed it.

Pros: no need for legislation, no need to fund it, willing participation by a sector of American society in an initiative that, if open policy of the current administration would otherwise be fought tooth & nail

Cons: not nationwide, very low in urban areas, many transaction either cash or untaxable.

If this is true;

a.) it’s a brilliant piece of co-opting some of the occasional paranoid/conspiracy theory tendencies of an opposing political ideology to work for a wider national purpose,

b.) with people like Alex Jones in the mix, it will be endlessly self sustaining,

and c.) shortly after posting this, I expect ZOG black helicopters with gurkha shock troops of the NWO to be overhead my office shortl…..[post ends abruptly]


The funny thing about socialists and other peoples money is that they can always keep spending other peoples money even when the country is bankrupt even if on pointless vanity projects based on pointless new laws because its easier to be seen doing something than actually enforcing existing laws!
By the way the right wing are the worst at banning firearms in this country!

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