US Govt Reviews Its N. Korean War Plan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. From an "unidentified Chinese defense expert in Canada" via The Korea Times:

    The United States is mapping out a new theater war plan on the Korean Peninsula aimed at striking weapons of mass destruction in North Korea, reports said yesterday, citing an unidentified Chinese defense expert in Canada.


    Under the envisaged plan, U.S. combat aircraft and bombers, such as F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighters and F-15Es, would conduct ``surgical strikes'' on major weapons of mass destruction (WMD) facilities, training sites, and intelligence and communication facilities in the North instead of ground forces advancing into the North, the report said.

    Here's the part I really liked:

    Washington is reportedly committed to dispatching some 690,000 troops with 1,600 aircraft and 160 ships to the peninsula within 90 days after a war breaks out under OPLAN 5027.

    The plan, however, lacks specific actions to cope with a nuclear war.

    "US Reviews War Plan on N. Korea" by Jung Sung-ki. 16 October 2006
  2. So they're just going to pull nearly three quarters of a million troops out of their arse are they?

    I could of sworn they were under similar overstretch to the Crown Forces.
  3. Not surprising since there won't be one, at least not with America. N Korea may have the weapons but lacks delivery means to strike the USA. They could try and hold S Korea to ransom by threatening to use them against their neighbour. That is of course unless they won't mind a dose of instant sunshine courtesy of the Americans who, as we all know, do have the capacity to wage nuclear war. But let's hope not.
  4. Utter load of b0ll0cks - US only ever fight those who cannot fight back and as North Korea won't fanny about the US would never get involved with them.
  5. Re. threats to the South: do they need to a nuclear threat given the amount of conventional artillery they have trained on Seoul?

    Also, if they have fissionable material a dirty bomb would probably be more economical and effective as a weapon but the tests are more attention-grabbing and thus are surely more a blackmail strategy than realistic weapons programme?
  6. That precisely was my reaction. My guess is that they are conserving all combat assets for Operation Persian Freedom.
  7. If the worst case scenario happens and somebody starts chucking Instant Sunshine around - what kind of effect would it have on us? Would fall-out reach this far? I remember Chernoble managed to irradiate some parts of Western Europe.
  8. ^And northern Jockland.
  9. Worse the Global economy would go Pete Tong.

    As for fall-out, could I recommend wrapping yourself in Tin Foil and consuming only things that have Vintage from before the nuke. i.e. Wine, Brandy, Whiskey and Compo (when sober?).....after surviving in this manner for 5 years it will be safe to venture out again!
  10. We need to wait till the uk government has sold off (given away) all our chally IIs (as we don't need them) before we go to war with north korea and iran. That way, when we come up against conventional forces again, we will be totally un-prepared.

    No TB, that wasn't a serious suggestion.

  11. That explains the hideous mutations.

  12. Saucer of cream for Miss Marinar!
    Oh well; I've just gone through a particularly nasty break-up. Bad enough when she dumps you, lads. But when she gets knocked up by a REMF...
    So, I'd be more than happy to see millions of people die in a nuclear holocaust. I mean, if I'm having a bad time, so should everyone else.
    Does anyone know Kim's 'phone number?
    "Oi, short-arse! I DARE you to push the button! Go on you fcuking midgit - I DOUBLE DARE YA!!!"
  13. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    IMHO: I think the American military should review and update its war plans for a war on the Korean peninsula. This is to be expected and prudent given currant events. It doesn't mean that the plans need to be used; however, we should have a well planned strategy in place, for such trouble spots.

    As for the Chinese leak quoted, I'm sure the use of air and naval assests on such targets are perdictable and expected by the North.

    As for troop commitments, the small American 'trip wire' force will not be able to do much to stop an invasion; however, the South Korean armed forces are well trained and large enough to do battle with the North, especially with our air and naval assets.

    In any case, all nations that fought in Korea under the UN, would be expected to come to the aid of South Korea once again.

    I would think that all the nations that fought there before should be reviewing their 'dusty' war plans for war in Korea.

    I suspect that any war with the North Koreans, would cause the USA to have to start drafting once again, as well as activating all National Guard and Reserve units.

    Will the Chinese come to the aid of the North Koreans again? I wonder? My guess, they would not; however, I doubt that they would help UN forces, either.
  14. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I suggest that you study the Korean War, we defeated the North Koreans. The Chinese army and Soviet aid saved the North. After the Inchon landing, the North Korean army was cut off and defeated for all intent and purposes.

    Also, that is a pretty broad statement and insulting comment there mukhabarat, I thought we did pretty well with the Japanese, Germans, Vietcong (NVA), North Koreans, Chinese and the Gulf wars.

    They all fought back, as I recall. The Japanese in the South Pacific specifically were a VERY tough enemy who fought to the death in most cases.
  15. So that border that seperates Nk from SK is there because you want it to be there Trip? Or did you call a ceasefire and make for the hills when NK's Big brother turned up?