US Govt Rep Dances Around Tough Questions on Libyan Attack

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Interesting, I'd thought that there were in fact Marines at the embassy, just not at the consulate. However, if the size of the staff was not large and there was no classified data to safeguard (if it's a small embassy, newly-established, they may not have been privy to a lot of State classified traffic), then I suppose a Marine security detachment might not be warranted, and only State Dept security provided.

    There was a really good series on Military Channel I believe, a few years ago. Interviews with State Department security officers who'd been in some extremely tight situations, such as when Liberia blew up into a massive bloodbath. These State Dept guys were going out in twos and sometimes alone through the mayhem to get foreign nationals to safe zones for pickup by the incoming MEU. Some hair-raising stories. Like driving up to a roadblock manned by two Liberian boys with a rope stretched across the road, and then realizing the "rope" was a length of human intestines...
  2. Susan Rice is no Condi Rice.
  3. I am Hardly surprised, She's one the idiots in the Clinton Administration who turned down the Sudanese offering to capture and turn over to US authorities Osama ben Laden under the reasoning he did nothing wrong in the USA at that time.
    Really? we tried a whole passle of people at Nuremburg who never set foot in the USA much less committed crimes there.

    Months after this dumb **** said we should turn the offer away Osama took out the Khobar Towers. Killed and wounded hundreds in Kenya bombing our embassy, and did up the USS Cole in 2000.

    Yeah she is the last person Obama should have out there explaining things. It's Hillary Clintons Job description.
  4. Gorelick, Holder, Rice, all the usual suspects who should swing for what happened on 9/11, don't pay for their ineptitude, they're rewarded with better jobs and board memberships on Fannie Mae where they can make a fortune while destroying the US economy.
  5. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    no politicians can make this look good as it runs too deep over too many administrations starting from back in the early 1900's
  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

  7. Gorelick is especially culpable (though uber rich now from her time with Fannie Mae as a political payback. ). She is the author while at the Clinton Justice Department who wrote the basis for the directive barring coordination between intel agencies and law enforcement like the FBI. This contributed greatly to the cock-up in connecting the dots before 9/11 as the formal inquiry so found.

    In typical DC fashion (like Alice in Wonderland) instead of being castigated and made PNG she got the get rich quick job with one of the agencies that helped ruin the US housing market.
  8. The Administration has no answers. The theory of slogans instead of policy has been a disaster. Pretending that people around the world have a similar thought process and respect for rights has shown to be a pipe dream imagined in a University discussion of how we wish the world worked instead of facing reality.

    Rice and WH spokesman Carney remind us of Baghdad Bob.. They are denying reality even as America knows they are making things up. Rice's defense of the Egyptian President were the worst. Obama is officially worse than Carter.
  9. A couple of years ago I would have doubted this as impossible. Now, I fear that you are right. I hope and pray this ends in four months but the constant media drumbeat for Obama makes me fear that it will be four years.
  10. I agree-it is shamefully obvious how tight is the media personal protection of The Anointed One.
  11. In addition to news coverage David Letterman* on his nightly show, spends lots of time ridiculing Romney in every way possible; just as he did to Bush43 for eight years.

    *for non-septics: Letterman has a late night talk show starting with a comedy monologue
  12. And then got put on the 9/11 inquiry commission, rather than being sat in front of it and grilled. Rather like asking the fox to investigate who stole the chickens.
  13. So you are blaming personally Obama for what, exactly?

    If bloody Bush and Cheyney had done the job in Afg properly in the first place instead of getting bored like a pair of ADHD school bullies and invading Iraq for no good reason then thinds would be a lot calmer worldwide that they are now.

    I can also see the joining at the hip of the FBI and the CIA as a recipe for a police state and can quite understand why intelligent people would think that was a bad thing.

    And it looks as if the US has moved a long way towards that since it was changed.

    After a long campaign of kidnap, torture, assasination and who knows what'all else you can't start complaining to the ref when the opposition have a bit of success from time to time.

    The USA is not seen, and cannot regard itself, as the unequvically moral good guys anymore in the way they were after WW2, that capital has been spent, they are now just another, albiet the biggest, player.

    And if you want spin what about all the bollocks passing waterboarding off as 'enhanced interrogation'.

    It was a shitty thing to have happened, but put it in perspective.