US Govt Explanation About Ambassador's Murder Is A Work in Progress

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. It seems our Masters cannot get Their story straight on how and why Ambassador Stevens and the other 3 Americans were so easily murdered.

    Until yesterday it was adamantly contended by Him and Billary that it was the work of a mob angry from the film. Now it is apparent from the preliminary investigation that it was a planned operation and contrary to the politician's speculation in this article, military analysts are saying it was a complex assault AND that there had been intel several days prior of the threat of an attack.

    If it weren't for the tragic (and apparently preventable) deaths, this would be comical watching the spin doctors twisting into pretzels trying to keep the blame off Him and His minions.
  2. Did his security team have any bullets?
  3. Oh deary me, I know where the "Buck Stops" but the president is only human and can only make a limited number of descisions in a day based on the facts at hand. My interest would be in who really ignored the intelligence, who filters it, who decides what the president will see? Not republican sympathisers surely.......
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  4. I didn't read that article the way you did, clearly. There does appear to have been some limited planning but you're making it sound like the thing was planned like the UBL Op, which it clearly wasn't. If there was Int a number of days before, why didn't the USA act on it and bolster the security detail? I have to say that in a High Threat location like Benghazi, the security around the property and the Ambassador seems really light and not what I've witnessed from the US Government in other locations around the world. Were his CP team Marines? There seems to have been no fallback plan, and no evac. If the Op took place over a number of hours, why wasn't he extracted within that timescale ?

    One thing I do read from the article is that it was an utter **** up.

  5. Which is why they will desperately try and spin this, the Yanks don't like sticking their hands up and saying … 'Yah, we****ed up'
  6. I don't know....The US Army, and USMC were quite happy to admit major failings in their COIN doctrine and change it outright. However, pretty as soon as politicians get near a risk of public exposure, just like ours, the spin comes out.......
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  7. Probably because the Generals know the consequence of their actions, and how lives can be lost. Unfortunately politicians don't understand the link between action and consequence.

  8. Unlike....

    [​IMG] mate, I think convoys are a really shit idea......them Limeys have no idea.......
  9. Absolutely. I put money on some poor sacrificial Military Lamb will be found to cover the ass of a Politician/Career Civil Servant.
  10. There are increasing reports of this that are not apparently partisan. As you should know while I make no secret (unlike some on here) of my disdain for Him, I am an equal opportunity critic of our Masters--regardless of party. My lodestar is our Constitution and our important role (we can all quibble about its extent, wisdom, nature etc. But I don't think any rational person can deny the reality--at least for now) in international affairs. Feel free to disagree with any of my posts as should all other ARRSERs but do your own research if you believe I am some partisan hack such that all I say is unworthy of consideration.
  11. Or Monty at Caen.....
  12. Please gents can we remain with the murder of the Ambassador and his aides.

    There were initial reports in UK hours after the killings, that it was a planned and well drilled operation. As time passes, there's been further and substantive detail to underpin the earlier considerations that it wasn't a spontaneous mob act. If there's anyone Stateside that can contribute to this detail, I'd very much appreciate it.

    Politicos will always spin, it's a condition written on their birth certificate, just under the line - 'Father Unknown'
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  13. The blogosphere is suggesting all manner of things but I have gleaned this much so far:

    The State Department has established a "panel" to investigate the circumstances of the murders. Note there is some speculative reference to collusion between Libyan security and the murderers.

    UPDATE 2-Clinton forms panel to investigate Benghazi attack | Reuters

    The White House has finally labeled the murders as a "terrorist" attack--heretofore the White House was loathe to use the term as being too inflammatory.

    AFP: White House brands Benghazi attack terrorism

    and this just hitting the internet:

    Libya consulate was light on security- swissinfo
  14. I wasn't having a pop at you JJ, far from it, but the niveau and venom evident in recent American media coverage of political debate is quite shocking. The Buck Stops here is a potent weapon in the hands of the opposition!
  15. No worries--my response was not aimed at you personally but to openly restate my frame of reference (again in contrast to some posters who prefer a stealthier approach) as an unabashed conservative (socially, economically and politically) BUT never from a partisan view as I abhor the state of US party politics today.

    If Romney wins (and I am no particular fan of him either) I assure you I will hold him to the same standard as I do the current Resident of the White House--the Constitution.