US government near to debt limit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 7, 2006.

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    3 years ago 1$=31 Rouble
    Today 1$=27.88

    Attack Iran and it will happen.
  2. Withdrawal form Iraq must be an imperative to reduce costs ...since civil war is now increasingly likely and to stay can only mean being further caught up in the civil war and then we will all be there for ever.

    Perhaps Bush will have to raise taxes?....I think I just heard fainting in the white house.
  3. I'd look for history to repeat itself...Bush;Gulf War;Recession;Clinton...
    Bush2;Gulf War2;Recession2;Clinton2...

    ("It's the economy...stupid!")

    ol' Hillary gets a pretty good return on her $investments$...
    (remember 'White Water'?)


  4. It's near an arbitary debt limit it imposed on itself. US government deficit as a % of GDP is well below EU averages.

    Sergey, what significance is the $/rouble exchange rate? Are you trying to prove the dollar is declining or the Russian economy expanding, or what?
  5. Unlikely. In the financial community, the US Treasury is considered the nearest thing to a risk free investment. The US defauting on its debt would cause international chaos, and not just within the financial world. The US will stop doing many other things before they default on their debt.
  6. Just an observation. By the way there are more than $30 bln. in cash in Russia. Now Russia is strongly $-oriented country but who knows how many yraes it whoud last. I think that you agree with me that bloke like mr.Putin is able to make such step in few days.

    American economy has one very serious problem - trade deficit (in fact hidden debt).

    Of course you are right. Don't understand my words literally. Really I meant that possible war with Iran could be too serious financial burden for American economy.