US Government ExperimentsS on US Citizens UNCOVERED!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. I do beleive it is cruel to experiment n rabbits and beagles, they are so intelligent and really feel pain.
  2. Another thread by air filter and another day where not a solitary **** was given.
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  3. Quite so.

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  4. ******* old news. Canada did as well and I'm pretty sure we did too. Dr. Mengele is my homeboy.
  5. Didn't we produce a limited production run of glow-in-the-dark abos in the 1950s at Maralinga? Radiation issues with servicemen got a fair bit of press later on but I don't think they even knew how many locals were affected.
  6. I thought we rousted them out of the area first? Bit hard to tell as abos were listed on the census as "wildlife" up until the 70's. Would be handy if they glowed in the dark though, easier than sticking a zyalume stick up their arses.
  7. Apparently we missed a couple. Aborigines to sue British Government over nuclear tests - Telegraph

    Hang on, we're in the clear, the dastardly Brits did it! Oh the humanity!
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  8. Gee, and now certain people think having that same government managing our health care is a great idea.
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  9. Nothing new, both the US and UK governments conducted similar experiments in the UK on a massive scale.
    Tests were carried out from ships off Dorset, sprayed from Land Rovers (Salisbury, amongst others I think) and from aircraft over Norwich.
    It went on for years and some tests were still in progress in 2006, its all documented

    Porton Down MoD experiments on the city of Norwich
  10. They certainly don't look too happy about it.

  11. Years ago I read another article detailing experiments on school children in Boston. They were sprinkling shite on the kiddies as they walked in the door.

    Fcuking sociopaths.
  12. They'd look even unhappier if they were the Syphilis test subjects that I posted about, rather than the first American black pilots