US government blocked sale of side arms to the RUC

According to recently released Cabinet papers, in 1979 the US government blocked the sale of Ruger pistols to the RUC.

Guns, it turned out, were more her style than karate. When the Government was having problems getting arms for the Royal Ulster Constabulary because the US refused an export licence for a Ruger handgun, Mrs Thatcher revealed her expertise at a White House meeting with President Carter. “Almost all the other police forces in the UK had similar US weapons to those which had been ordered for the RUC,” the minutes said. “The RUC itself already had 3,000 of the weapons in question. It seemed very strange to deny them the remainder of the order and thereby deny a significant number of the members of the RUC the right to defend themselves effectively. She herself had handled both the gun which the RUC at present used and that which was on order. There was no doubt that the American Ruger was much better

Old history, I know, but it is interesting to compare this with the promiscuous and uncritical supply of weapons to Israel over the years, everything from baton rounds to jets, and arguably, tacit approval of the Israeli nuclear weapons programme. I guess both cases demonstrate how US politics is hostage to ethnic voting blocs. :roll:
Notice how they´re helping Mexico battle drug gangs;Who are the drugs for,America,whose making the guns and vehicles the gangs use,America,whose making the guns and vehicles the Police use,America,..........this could go on for hours and don´t forget that Britain only finished off paying It´s WW2 debt´s to the good Ol´US of A a few years ago.

Merchants of Death in every shape and form,but just thank God they´re our ´Allies´,untill of course they find a better one?

Whilst at the same time some of their politicians were helping to raise money to fund the murder of RUC officers and plenty of us too.

The irony would stick in the throat of everyone but an American.
In all honesty, I have some sympathy for the yanks. The thing is, you have to understand how the American political system works, with a huge block vote controlled by the Irish-American lobby. These are the descendants of the people who sent ex civil war vets to Britain and Ireland to carry out bombing attacks in London, Cheshire, etc. Because of it, any decision that involves support to the establishment in NI is always going to face a tough ride, whatever the general level of support..
Plus, I have quite a few mates who are ex RUC, and they certainly didn't seem to have problems obtaining decent PPW, and who needs Ruger anyway, when you can get Walther or SIG?
Was the Irish American lobby stronger than the anti "drink driving and driving off of bridges" one?
midnight said:
This could go on for hours and don't forget that Britain only finished off paying its WW2 debts to the good Ol' US of A a few years ago.
And? If you borrow money from someone then you should pay it back. At 2% interest it was much cheaper to simply keep it going rather than pay it back early. Hell we still owed them £866m of WW1 debts in 1934 which adjusted by RPI to 2006 would be £40bn that we still haven't repaid, it just seem to have been quietly forgotten about.
It was a long time ago to rely on my memory but I don't have the time to research it now.

My recollection is that the anti-apartheid forces in Congress had passed a law designed to block weapons sales to the South African police. The RUC were in a sense collateral damage from a law which was targeting RSA policies. Interestingly, the law was specific as to new weapons. Some manufactures and dealers found a way around it by providing very advantageous sale and turn in procedures for some US police departments. They would sell the guns very cheaply to a US department and a year later accept all of the guns back as trade-ins on newer guns with a good trade-in price. I know guns were sold to RSA that way, not sure about RUC. If I recall the US president found a way around it but it might have been Reagan who came right after Carter

(note: at the time I was a lawyer approving a police departments contracts and wondering why our police were able to buy and trade in guns at daft prices. Answer - profit from sale to RSA plod).
A pity that. RUC being so law-abiding and even handed and all. Of course, that has never stopped the US from selling arms before!
they do apprantly its the independant retirement agency some spam charity with unfortuante intials read it on part one orders once.
along with the advice to hand in any iraqi firearms as some us special forces had been killed by boobytraped guns.
and the "research" that proved the lsw was better than a gpmg :roll:
Jimmy Carter was happy for the UK to obtain Trident, so he wasn't particularly "anti British".

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