US Gov To Syria: "Our patience is running out."

The US ambassador to Iraq today issued a "strong warning" to the Syrian government.

He admonished the Syrians to refrain from further assistance to "radical groups" operating in Iraq.

'Our patience is running out with Syria,' [Ambassador] Khalilzad told a press conference. When asked how the US could respond, he said 'all options are on the table', including military.

'I would not like to elaborate more, they should understand what I mean,' he added.

US warns Syria that 'our patience is running out' UPDATE
09.12.2005, 02:48 PM
Less a stong warning, than another thinly veiled threat. It's like the Gambino Family is running US Foreign Policy- if the Gambino Family were less professional.

I can only presume that what has the US in a tizzy is that they have come to the conclusion that insurgents are staging out of Syria and infiltrating Iraq. Four quick comments:

1. Maybe this is seen as a viable option because of the unparralleled success that is Operation Iraqi Freedom. Oh, unless the Whitehouse believes its own press briefings, that probably won't be the case.

2. Who the fcuk is going to do the job? More importantly( since Rummy, Wolfie & Cheney paid bugger-all attention to the problem last time) who is going to clean up afterwards? The Guard and reserves are at the limit of their patience and resources and the regulars don't have ehough people to do the job they arleady have and still be able to protect the homeland. I suggest anyone in the next group of US army recruits, rather than take the $20K enlistment bonus, actually haggle for an overtime provision in their contract instead.

3. Once you take out Assad, the terrorists will still be there. They'll still be staging out of Syria... and others will stage out of Turkey, and Jordan and Saudi Arabia, Armenia and Iran- and Leeds. :? And you can bet your arrse that this folly will immeasurably help their recruiting efforts.

4. How the fcuk does this make America, and Americans, safer?

Is this going to go on until W has run out of brown people to kill? I know, let's all subscribe to Kayne West's theory and put all the Arabs in New Orleans and Mississippi. Between hurricanes and the Klan, God's work will be done in short order.
Who's going to do the job?

My guesses:

1. Conscripts enlisted through a renewed military draft.

2. A foreign legion of some sort. It worked for the Romans for quite a while and we seem to be following in their footsteps.

A. The Starship Troopers inducement: "Service guarantees [US] citizenship!"

B. Wolfowitz at the World Bank: Want a loan/grant? Send some of your troops to East Chaos-stan to help out our boys.
Not_Whistlin_Dixie said:
2. A foreign legion of some sort. It worked for the Romans for quite a while and we seem to be following in their footsteps.
I thought it was called the United States Marine Corps. :wink:
Who's going to do the job?

Max Boot, a prominent military commentator, named among "the 500 most influential people in the United States in the field of foreign policy," has offered his solution for the problem of finding people to fight America's wars. In a recent article, Boot proposed that the path to a bigger American Army lay in offering a new deal, "Defend America, Become American." Boot has proposed that the U.S. should look beyond just U.S. citizens and permanent, legal residents for soldiers to fight in its military.

He has proposed a "Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act," a DREAM Act, as he puts it, that would offer legal status to the children of illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. and eligibility for citizenship if they can meet a number of conditions, including graduating from high school, and if they go to college or choose to serve in the military. A bill to this effect was introduced in the U.S. Senate but has not been voted on yet.

Even this may not be enough, though. Like many others who argue that America should embrace fully and enthusiastically its imperialism, Boot believes there is a need to dramatically increase the size of the U.S. military, and military spending will have to rise to pay for an Army able to put and keep troops on the ground in faraway countries. He has proposed that the U.S. should "offer citizenship to anyone, anywhere on the planet, willing to serve a set term in the U.S. military."

Boot asks, "Would foreigners sign up to fight for Uncle Sam? I don't see why not, because so many people are desperate to move here. Serving a few years in the military would seem a small price to pay and it would establish beyond a doubt that they are the kind of motivated, hardworking immigrants we want."

"The Unraveling of the US Military" by Zia Mian. 14 September 2005
Even if the DREAM act is passed, they still have to recruit, train and equip the new soldiers. Not something that can be done overnight. At the moment, even the resources of the US Military are stretched to the limit. And a fairly large percentage of the American public are questioning the wisdom of being in Iraq. I doubt there would be much appitite for yet another war.
I don't think Assad will be losing too much sleep.