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US gets a taste of pc gone wrong

MERLIN, Ore. - The state of Oregon has ordered a family to turn in the vanity license plates on its cars because their Dutch last name, which is written on the plates, is similar to an offensive word.

The plates, UDINK1 UDINK2 and UDINK3 are on the vehicles of Mike and Shelly Udink and their son Kalei. Two of the plates are five and seven years old. One was issued last year.

Last summer, Kawika Udink's application for UDINK4 was rejected and the state ordered that the other three plates be returned.
smudge67 said:
I don't understand??
The DMV denies requests for any combination of letters and numbers that may be viewed as objectionable, in any language, by use of phonetic, numeric or reverse spelling, or when viewed as a mirror image, or that would alarm or offend a reasonable person.
Um ,yeah. Very reasonable.

What they're trying to say is that the term dink was a derogatory term for Vietnamese during the Vietname war.
I've never heard "dink" used to describe a Vietnamese person. A johnson, sure, and Dual-Income-No-Kids...but I never would have known about its racial use if I hadn't read this story.

Thanks, Oregon DMV, for helping me add yet another ethnic slur to my already broad pantheon!

And...why is describing a penis as a "johnson" not considered offensive to people of Nordic ancestry, anyway?

:roll: :D
Apparently I missed this bit:

DMV spokesman David House and Bell said the word can be treated as a verb, which gives it a sexual reference, and also can be a racial slur targeted at the Vietnamese.
Now, dink being used as a sexual term is new to me.

If you watch the movie "platoon" you will hear reference to the term "dinks".

Hmm, so I'm thinking I should hold off on getting my "GOOK1" vanity plate.
KGB_resident said:
Why not to demand that American vice-president changes his name?
lol Why cause it's Dick? Personally, I think it suits him. But I'm willing to bet he couldn't get a license plate with his first name on it. :lol:
TankiesYank said:
Steven said:
I wonder ifthis guy can get a licence plate?
There is, I've heard, a British expat driving around California with a "B0LLOCKS" vanity plate...I assume he got this by the DMV pre-"Lock Stock," of course.

So it's Connecticut...he can always try. :D
That was probably from Jasper Carrott. I tried to find a link but failed.
there was a local school administrator around these parts who sported vanity plates that read:


plates were pulled after complaints

she is now in jail for stealing large amounts of money from government funds to her school board [ nothing to do with her plate issue, of course, unless the attitude expressed indicated a general disposition for authority.. LOL ]

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