US Generals IED solution: Walk

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Escape-from-PPRuNe, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. Link.

    What do we think of this?
  2. The general is free to prove it by personal example.

    The most effective measure against IEDs is an immediate withdrawal.
  3. I wonder when the General last did a foot patrol for real
  4. I liked the hot air ballon idea.

    "Right then this is the plan, we want you to sit in a tub suspended under a balloon. We will then float you above the TAOR and you will spot the bad guys doing bad stuff

    So any volunteers?"
  5. Can't you just employ lots of local children to run ahead of the patrol and jump around in the side of roads and stuff, just on the off chance there is an IED?
  6. fck walking...i'm taking my skateboard and inlines next time i go to blue3
  7. We figured all this out in Ulster over the course of 30yrs or so surely?

    1/ Expensive vehicle with lots of toms inside=good value target.

    2/ Well dispersed and trained foot patrols or better still multiples=elusive target with a resonable chance of spotting, command wires/sus looking natives and so stay alive.

    Still if you think that the yank habit of motoring around in built-up areas full of bad guys "ala blackhawk down"
    is the way to go the be my guest!
  8. gmpg_762...What do you mean that you figured that in Ulster, we where doing that years before all over the place, nearly every where we went we walked or should I say marched, but a well spread out foot patrol does not make for a good target and they can hit back very quickly.
  9. It may well counter the current IED threat but remember the insurgents will adapt. Instead of an IED one lone bloke with a sniper rifle (or ak487). All the bad boy (or girl) needs to is take a quick potshot and run away, result or not. It may only count for one but that's about all that are being knocked out in one go (in british ao anyway). On foot the patrol then doesn't have the mobility to counter this threat (ie. run/drive after him/her).
    On reading accounts of the troubles in Oman etc the most effective way of dealing with any insurgent threat appears to be intel and effecting their supply chain. Find out where they're getting the materials from and tamper with them so they either go off in their faces or make a little crackle and spark. Or does that make too much sense nowadays?
  10. The reviewer hits the nail squarely on the head I'd say. Foot patrols are great as they provide low density targets and can react quickly and effectively with minimum dislocation to an attack and have a good chance of pre-empting attack if professionally executed.

    However to patrol Iraq on foot would need even more troops than the US initially asked for let alone the numbers the coalition actually has available. In order to maintain a presence with too small a force vehicle patrols are a must and vehicles mean concentration which means vulnerable targets.
  11. Good point too - perhaps we need a balanced, agile and flexible force structure large enough for the task?
  12. The hot air balloon idea seemed like a valid one at first (though getting troops willing to drive one may be a tad difficult) until you think how a hot air balloon works - the air in the bag has to be hotter than the surrounding air, so they probably wouldn't get off the ground during an Iraqi summer.

    Foot patrols seem the way to go, but rapid reaction armoured vehicles need to be incorporated in the patrol for mutual defence (foot soldiers clear the route against anti-armour weapons, while the armour provides shielding against small arms) and the ability to provide a variable response to attack, thus minimising the potential for an effective ambush. But then, this is nothing new, is it?
  13. ah no problem just fill them with hydrogen instead..........

    or was that helium??????
  14. Could be interesting, pre-loading a hot air balloon with hydrogen. Let me know the venue and I'll bring a video camera.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Not hotter, less dense - helium would work.