US General Officer suspeded on rape allegations

Discussion in 'US' started by DavidBOC, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. Can I clarify some bint who was dishonourably discharged and some bloke accused of fraud are suddenly making an accusation against another (senior) bloke that he is a rapist?
  2. There are lots of stories in local news here (as you could imagine). A couple said that she was discharged after she missed required drills as Carter would be there. Apparently Carter requested the dishonorablle discharge for her. Probably hard for her to request voluntary discharge from the man she has accused. The LtCol referred to was cleared of anything criminal by the Court Martial but received an administrative reprimand for bookkeeping errors. LtCol Murray is still a full time officer in the Guard. He is an attorney and is still a member of the Bar with no record of disciplinary action. Any financial impropriety would have caused suspension from the Bar and discharge from the Guard.

    I should note that the Globe tends to spin things to benefit the current governor and his appointees. I am waiting to see what happens. Not sure what can happen as the usual UCMJ statute of limitations is 5 years. Not sure what the statute of limitations is in Florida. (limitations vary from state to state and vary depending on offence).
  3. Whats the reasoning it took so long to come to light?
  4. From the articles the young woman was a PFC, Carter was a commissioned officer and in his civilian job (IIRC) either a Deputy Superintendent or Superintendent in the Boston PD at the time. From what I saw she went to another officer in her MP unit and was told to go to Florida authorities but she was afraid as he was an officer.

    As to the LtCol: No allegation of fraud or any personal gain. The charges related to the fact that in error he deposited Federal grant from National Guard Bureau into an account from which the interest accrued on the funds, until spent, went to the state treasury rather than deposited as it should have been, into an account where the interest would be segregated for approved National Guard use only. No fraud at all, just a mistake.
  5. There will of course be a racial angle as Carter is Black, so wait for the Jesse Jacksons and other usual suspects to claim lynching before the facts are even known.
  6. I must be misreading the story.

    (Allegedly to everything...) Officer rapes PFC. PFC misses duties because they're fronted by her rapist. PFC gets binned. PFC tries to rejoin. Army appoints accused rapist to investigate the claims of rape. All goes quiet for nearly 30 years until the rape is cited in a fraud investigation.

    Just to make it all make sense, did the US Army appoint this bloke to prosecute himself for fraud?
  7. Not quite. From the articles I read a young JAG officer was assigned to investigate the dishonorable discharge appeal/rape accusation. The same JAG officer later deposited the federal grant in the wrong bank account which was not fraud, did not benefit anyone other than the state getting interest as general revenue funds rather than restricted funds. The general then ordered the court martial of the officer who knew of the prior investigation.

    Just on the TV news here, apparently General Carter knew Army was investigating him but did not tell either the Governor or the Secretary who are over him in state government.

    A more recent article added more information. Apparently the MP Captain who was with then-LT Carter and the young female PFC has come forward and said he was driving them to a store, the woman said she felt ill and they stopped, Carter walked down to the beach with the woman, was gone a while and came back from the beach alone.
    Guard officer recalls night of alleged rape - Metro - The Boston Globe
  8. Sounds to me like a massive fit up.