US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran
    Sunday Telegraph

  2. Like this maybe?
  3. [​IMG]

    Yeah, I know.

    So, I guess harping on about Iranian influence in Iraq or state sponsorship of terror might be a little... shall we say... hypocritical?

    Or we should take them at their word and demand that Bush & Cheney overthrow themselves. I dare say it's task they're just about capable of managing without causing chaos over a region of the globe.
  4. They just don't fcuking learn do they?

    How many times has underhanded meddeling bitten the US in the arse?

    If they had at least a basic grasp of what they were doing, it wouldnt be half as bad but they have proved on many occasions they are clueless to how other countries and cultures tick.

  5. Don't know what you mean Crab, but if Bush and Cheney's recent record in the Middle east is anything to go by, then I would not trust them further than I can throw them.
  6. The Iranians fund and supply the crazies in Iraq, the US turns around and funds the nut-jobs in Iran right back at them. On the face of it seems like poetic justice to me. But like Flashy said, this type of activity does seem to have the rather nasty habit of turning around and biting one on the arse in the end. Plus you lose all control of what they do with the supplies you give them once its been handed over, so if they decide to bomb a bunch of civillians with it rather than just Revolutionary Guards you're pretty much screwed.
  7. They do seem to have some unhappy elements in the islamic people's paradise.

    Ten Killed in IRGC Helicopter Crash
    Some sources cited technical problems as the cause of the explosion. But certain terrorist organizations claimed that the helicopter exploded after they targeted it with US made SA-7 rockets.
    A helicopter of the Islamic Revolution's Guards Corps (IRGC) crashed northwest of Iran on Friday in which two IRGC commanders and eight forces were killed.

    The helicopter was on a mission at Khoy region, East Azarbaijan province, where it had to make an emergency landing immediately after which it was exploded. All IRGC forces on the board including two commanders were killed instantly.

    Some sources cited technical problems as the cause of the explosion. But certain terrorist organizations claimed that the helicopter exploded after they targeted it with US made SA-7 rockets.

    Saeed Ghahhari, commander of the 3rd army of IRGC and Brigadier Hanif Dorosti were among those killed.

    Meanwhile, clashes have been reported between the Iranian military forces and PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) separatists in Jahannam-darreh, near Khoy, in the past two days during which some 20 PKK terrorists have reportedly been killed.

    Last week, a driver of a PKK leader revealed that the US military commanders are in contact with leaders of the PKK terrorist group which is in the US State Department's list of terrorist organizations.

    BAZTAB – Feb. 24, 2007


    From BBC

    The Iranian military has killed 17 rebels in the north-west of the country, state media have reported.

    A unit of Revolutionary Guards attacked the rebels in a remote area near the Turkish border, IRNA news agency said.

    A military helicopter involved in the operation crashed in bad weather, killing a Guards commander on board, Fars news agency reported.

    There have been previous clashes in the area between Iranian security forces and militants linked to Kurdish groups.

    "The Revolutionary Guards besieged these elements and started neutralising them," IRNA quoted a Guards commander as saying.

    "In this operation at least 17 mercenary anti-revolution elements were killed and some were injured."

    'Seeking insecurity'

    Fars said that a Revolutionary Guards commander named Saeed Ghahari was killed in the helicopter crash, in West Azerbaijan province.

    IRNA blamed the crash on bad weather.

    West Azerbaijan province borders both Turkey and Iraq.

    The head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, Yayha Rahim, blamed foreign countries for trying to stir up unrest in Iran's border regions.

    "Enemies headed by the United States, Britain and the Zionist regime [Israel] who have had their goals defeated in the region are seeking insecurity in some border areas," Mehr news agency quoted Mr Rahim as saying.

    The past two years have seen a rise in violent incidents in a number of regions inhabited by Iran's minorities, amid complaints of government oppression, discrimination or political or economic neglect, says the BBC's regional analyst Pam O'Toole.

    A bomb attack on 14 February in south-east Iran killed 13 Revolutionary Guards in the majority Sunni city of Zahedan.

    Last year also saw angry demonstrations by ethnic Azeris in Azerbaijan province, while in 2005 there was a wave of protests in Kurdestan province.
  8. Brick said

    You mean like the Afghanis and Iraqis are using the same tactics (and weapons) we supplied them during the '80s against us?
  9. OK, I probably already know the answer to this but, T6, do you actually have a point or are you just gloating? Do you think that this sort of nonsense helps the cause of bringing stability and peace to the region?

    Let me put it another way, what would have been Americans' likely reaction if it was discovered that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were receiving support from the French? Would they have rallied to the French flag?

    The Iranian people are all too aware which groups are carrying out terror attacks. They know who's supporting them and they know that the groups are reliant on that overseas support because they have no constituency within Iran. They know that the satellite tv pictures from propaganda services such as Melli TV, based in Southern California, is paid for by the US govt and operated by Iranian emgirees in Los Angeles (basically the Shah's people) who fcuked off with suitcases full of cash and numbered bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland when the Revolution came. (For those of you that don't know- 1/3 of the residents of Beverly Hills are actually from Iran, or are the childrens of Iranian immigrants. There was a big stink last week when the City of Beverly Hills started printing voter information booklets in Persian.)

    It's the Iraqi National Congress all over again.
  10. Crabtastic asked:

    We would have got the Brits to blindly rally behind us and then we would have embarked on a campaign to take the Eiffel Tower. Then we would have declared "Mission Accomplished" as the bombs kept falling on our positions.
  11. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Meaning if Iran wants to play in Iraq then they must expect that the US will return the favor. We dont want to invade Iran and it would be wonderful if the people liberated themselves thus solving alot of problems.
  12. You've been at it for years, you ignorant moron, with the same degree of success that you're currently having- i.e. none. All you're doing is pushing people away and to Ahmadinejad. Why in God's name would any sane person run to the side of someone who is sowing the seeds of mayhem in their country?

    As always, the exile groups have overstated their power and influence in return for money and support. The groups you are funding have NO POLITICAL CONSTITUENCY within Iran. The people behind them are the same plutocrats that the Iranian people rose up en masse to overthrow in 1979. I know a fair number of them- even worked with a couple. I've taught hundreds of their kids in the last few years (there are 600,000 Iranians living in LA) and they are every bit as nutty as the Cubans- but much richer. Politics aside, they're not entirely a bad bunch- apart from things like they have no concept of money, the amount of cologne they wear stings your eyes at 15yds and their gold jewellry keeps getting stuck in their chest and back hair (guys and girls).

    It would be like deciding to sponsor the Marxist INLA in Northern Ireland in the belief that the Catholics in the nationalist community would rally to their side and they could unite Ireland. All it's doing is causing more trouble.
  13. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Deal with it. Two can play the asymetrical warfare game. As Iran has discovered proxy war works.
  14. Christ, we did this once before in Afghanistan. Results; OBL and the Taliban.
  15. I admire your optimism, but truth be told, we can not attack Iran because we cannot afford the consequences. Even Dubya, with all his ignorant might, knows it would be disastrous to go to war against Iran which promises not to roll over and play dead like Iraq did.