US Friendly Fire

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by grey_man_2, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Christopher Roney in US 'friendly fire' Afghanistan death

    It's happened again :(

    Seriously though, is it just me or are Americans particularly bad? Are their FSCM para's just static over radio? Or do we just not hear about other incidents with us shooting in the wrong direction, or other nationalities? Has anybody worked extensively enough with them that they can offer some light?
  2. To be honest, it's a bugger as the locals build compounds anywhere whenever they want and maps fall out of date very quickly.
  3. It's a really sad state of affairs and certainly highlights the US Force's gung ho attitude. Some serious questions should be asked here and the APACHE crews either removed from the service (via dishonourable discharge) or be brought to justice by A manslaughter charge (possibly murder based on the fact that our squaddies Certainly would not be dressed like the enemy)
  4. Oh, and RIP. Swift and Bold.
  5. Yes, unfortunatly that was in 2009, this is the coroners report on the incident.
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Your well behind the times. This happened in 2009. Its a bugger, shit happens, people try a find a way to stop it happening again (it will) not taking anything away from the lose of the families.
  7. You're right. In penance for my sins of not reading the article, here's a hot girl doing a facepalm on my behalf.

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  8. Your friends facepalm is penance enough. My son you are now forgiven.
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  9. ..........................................While any blue on blue is something that should never happen, it does!

    Murphy's law & the fog of war will see to it that these things will happen again!

    & don't think for one minute, that the Yanks are the only ones that have been guilty of it. It's just their gung ho attitude that makes it the more unbearable.
  10. Colchester: Apache injures nine Paras (From Gazette)

    we're not immune to it and without looking at the stats i wouldnt want to comment on whether or not they are more liable to be involved in a blue-on-blue. it doesnt give the full details but does mentioned that the location of the PB hadnt been added to maps which can only have added to the confusion.
  11. Spams are (or had as at 2003) a 1* led directorate looking in to fratricide aka balls ups.
  12. Please tell me your military experience is limited to paint balling twice a year (where you no doubt have blue on blues with other fat people.)

    Blue on blues aren't always down to shite drills on the part of the firer and certainly can't be blamed on a gung ho attitude. More often than not it is down to that good old honest held belief and a fear of immediate and painful death.

    I say this having once, been on the wrong end of someone with access to 40mm and having witnessed a competent sergeant and a very competent corporal go at it like two very scared possessed men.
  13. So does UK.

    While I don't disagree that this will happen whatever measures are taken. Some use this an excuse to do nothing about it. The simple truth is that there are no figures/evidence to say in which situations CID is achieved and fratricide is avoided. I've heard a few saying that as there are no figures to back up training, it isn't required.

    The US is no better or worse than anyone else as far as fratricide incidents. Although theirs end up on page one of whatever rag is featuring it. UK incidents usually end up buried away on other pages. Invariably though, the subject is misunderstood and reported inaccurately. You'd probably get more sense from that bloke down the pub who stinks of piss and tells you he was in the SAS.
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  14. I believe certain incidents in the last decade have involved pilots on uppers.
  15. Even if that was the case. Fratricide is rarely down to a single factor.