US Friendly Fire - the ultimate!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PompeySailor, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. :D :D Probably getting some training in before a visit to the sandpit. Just to be sure of his drills. and then identify :twisted: :twisted:
    Feel safer with a dick at the trigger :evil:
  2. Damn. Beat me to it! Best bit is, 'Ms Armstrong said Mr Cheney had turned round to shoot at a bird but sprayed Mr Whittington with shotgun pellets instead.' ! ! !
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......................what a dick.
  4. I think it's more to do with target identification. He was shooting Quail, FFS.

    Compare, if you will, a bird that is smaller than a football with a man, probably in excess of 5'5" tall, dressed in Walt finery, carrying a weapon. Easy mistake to make, non?
  5. Too...many...jokes...

    Oh sh1t, I've p1ssed my pants- again.
  6. Anyone watched The Wedding Crashers?

    Edited because I can't spell.
  7. You know, I just predicted on another forum that The Usual Suspects would find reason to make juvenile jokes about an honest mistake which is made in hunting with modest frequency. Thanks for not letting me down.

    And no, I'd not find reason to rag on Gore, Kerry, or Clinton for the same mistake. Thank God the man hit will be fine.
  8. sarc Yes it is an honest mistake, he didnt intentionally shoot the guy. He just mistook the guy for a small football sized duck. That to me would also make it a stupid mistake... /sarc.

    Seriously why are there so many accidents if hunters are positively identifying targets before shooting? surely its not as high pressure as a combat zone so why the jumpy shooting ?(im not slaggin i am genuninely enquiring here as a non-hunter)
  9. Perfectly understandable accident, the guy he shot was wearing a blue and red suit that resembled the Union Jack.
  10. Oh FFS- get a sense of humour, man.

    IIRC, when Clinton shot a load over somebody, articles of impeachment were raised.

    In HMF, such an event is not classed as an "honest mistake", it is called a negligent discharge (ND, also known as a Bang-Fcuk). Even accidentally blatting a round into the ground ahead of you earns you a stand-up interview without coffee- let along shooting someone in the face, neck and chest. Perhaps that's why our Div commanders don't feel the need to bribe their troops with a day off if they somehow manage to go 100 days without getting either themselves or another member of their unit killed by accident(4 days off if they make it to the magic 200).

    There was only reason for this- if we rule out attempted murder- it's just bad drills.

    (Edited for spelling)
  11. Funny how this little song springs to mind!!
  12. Yes but then the shot guy pulled out a grenade and said 'thing for little Jimmy in 'Nam in 72'
  13. You don't recall correctly. When Clinton, the President of the United States, lied under oath, articles of impeachment were raised. If I or any other citizen of the US were caught committing perjury, we'd be up sh!t's creek. I guess some pigs (and I do mean pigs) are more equal than others. Let's raise a glass to republican (small "r") principles of everyone equal under the law, shall we? I'm far less concerned with a simple hunting accident, than with conspiracy to obstruct a Congressionally-ordered investigation, emanating from the Oval Office.
  14. I refer the Hon Member to Crab's previous post: "Oh FFS- get a sense of humour, man."