US friendly fire incident on BBC news this morning


Heard this on the news this morning but can’t find it mentioned on the latest article on the issue on BBC news. I don’t know who it was speaking but I'm assuming it’s a representative of the DOD, he was saying that there have been people from the highest levels of the Pentagon helping and guiding the MOD on issues such as where American law stands on us holding an inquest and possible charges being filed. But he stated that at no point have the Americans tried to stop the video getting out. Seems a bit odd since it’s documented that they did try to stop it being shown in court, also the fact it’s taken so long to even admit a video existed after claiming one did not.

Did anybody else see this or did I completely mishear what was while running about trying to get out the front door on time?
I heard this and I think your memory is correct, although I was distracted while negotiating a large roundabout at the time.

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