US Forces Sympathize with UK forces in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. I believe this is much more accurate report consistent with the way US and UK forces really operate together than the report several weeks ago making such a big deal about alleged complaints of US commanders about UK forces' hygeine etc.
  2. As a believer in the bond between Britain and the USA that report makes heart-warming reading. My own unit lost 2 lads in Garmsir and fair play to anybody who holds the line down there.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Personally I always thought the whole thing was being blown out of porportion by the Newspapers
    Soldiers are Soldiers (and Marines aswell) they have a mutual respect of each other
    We might rip the pi$$ out of each other men, forces and equipment but that respect is always there
    Also we have all shared experiences that people outside the Forces will never be able to relate to
    Shakespear got it spot on with his Band of Brothers speach and I'm sure if you sat an Agincourt Archer down with a WW1, 2 and U.S civil war soldier with todays modern counterparts we would soon find a common ground

    To Jumping Jarhead I offer a Semper fidelis,to our U.S. Army colleagues I offer a Hoooo Hahhhh and to the Brits I say "fancy a pint"?
  4. Thanks to you and your mates for your service there from an old septic.
  5. I think this sums up the relationship between Septic and Brit squaddies very well indeed.

    I've never bought all this crap about some form of latent animosity existing between the two forces. Both are ready to watch each others' six, and that's the way it should be.

  6. Hear fu cking hear!
  7. I was a nice read, and the way I & all honesty the way everyone feels both sides of the pond

    ...Unless you like politics

    ****edited to add..... but I agree it is awesome to see a bird in a towel stripping off for a shower :twisted:
  8. So how come Sir General Richards and Lt Col Nick Richardson refuse to comment or deny that British Army is poorly equipped and supported?
  9. Served alongside US troops both in Iraq and Afghanistan and it is a fact that when on the ground British troops must look quite peculiar to our American brethren: I've always found the Yanks look very generic and all their kit seems very similar and uniformed. Fair play to them. However, with the British the concept of 'ally' or 'bolo' or whatver you want to call it comes into play. Not so much Iraq but certainly in Afghan, the lads wear different webbing (some wear conventional belt kit, others have pouches on Osprey, some might have chest rigs, others wore COP vests) daysacks might be the issue patrol pack or more than likely a Berghaus Munro (which people might have sprayed!) helmets might have scrim nets fitted, boots are likely to be different if privately purchased (ie Altbergs that most of our lot favoured) etc etc. I look at my photos from the tour and not one of my section is identical to the next. Whereas on personal experience a section of Yanks will tend to look more the same.
  10. I've always found that our pre-conceived ideas about our colonial cousins are blown out of the water sharpish when we actually come into contact with them. The media might like to stir sh*t by highlighting any disagreements between our two nations but on the ground there is a definite mutual respect between the Brits and the Yanks. When all is said and done - and this applies both ways - who would you rather have as your main ally and best friend?

    That said, beer is SUPPOSED to be served warm and not taste like horse piss... :wink:
  11. I had to smile at your account. It has always been one of those endearing qualities of the Brit military. "Uniform" to us septics of course means just that--much to the chagrin of some of our youngsters who seem to always want to fashion themselves the next McGyver or Rambo only to have their officer throw cold water on their creativity! In fairness to us though I will say we have come a long way even though it may not look like it--we Marines can now actually choose the boots we wear and can use the issue ones or buy our own---the only catch is they still have to have a little USMC seal of approval!

    Of course don';t let our uniformity fool you--underneath all that sameness we really are a bunch of happy go lucky individualists! :D