US finalises sale of 84 F-15's to the Saudis

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. All very well, but who's going to drive them? The Sauds don't have a particularly good rep when it comes to actual' ops rather than media opportunities.
  2. Pakistan I would expect.
  3. Sounds about right.
  4. It's usually part of the deal, Saudis pay to send its guys over to America to do the same course as the yank pilots. When i did my phase 2 we had a couple of courses along side ours of Saudi and UAE groundcrew after the MOD sales of Tornado and Typhoon. I cant imagine that the Saudis will be happy if the pilots and groundcrew turn up clueless after 2 years paid and paid for in America.
  5. I see they've switched to US aircraft now that BAe isn't allowed to bribe them any more.
  6. I doubt its about bribes, they have everything we can offer them now, it wouldnt surprise me if they buy up some F-35's when America opens them up more to the markets. Saudi wants to be the dominant force, and they have the money and arms deals with us, America and russia to easily achieve that.
  7. The Saudis have had F-15s since the '80s.
  8. And they then bought a bunch of Tornadoes, a significantly inferior aircraft, for some strange reason....
  9. Haven't the Saudis always bought a small number of British aircraft to worry the Yanks into releasing the bigger numbers of American jets that they really want without too much arguing?
  10. Are implying that the very nice tooled leather attaché cases that BAE executives used to hand out at arms fairs in the Middle East contained anything other than brochures of their finest new wares?
  11. I thought the 'commissions' handled through toerags like Aitken, the prossies, the parties and wild pissups in privately-booked casinos etc had more bearing on it.
  12. Perhaps because the Saudis didn't have the strike version F15E, only Air superiority.

    Under the Al Yamamah contract, the Saudis bought a huge package of both types of Tornadoes, Hawks, spares, support etc. They quickly found that Tornados were pretty useless interceptors (and worse at air superiority-Definately not designed for dogfighting, just for cruising up to Soviet bomber fleets and blatting them far out over the North Sea.), but pretty good strike aircraft. The Saudis reversed out of the option to buy more Tornado ADV in exchange for Typhoon.

    Horses for courses. F15s for dogfighting. Tornado IDS for dropping metal. Tornado ADV, the funny shaped thing at the bottom of the bag that you throw away. On the scale of that contract, one duff bit of kit isn't surprising.
  13. It still begs the question of why they didn't buy the 15E, which would have given them a superior aircraft to Tornado even in the a/g role, and considerable savings in maint/traning/spares.

    At the time of the purchase, the US was enforcing its anti-corruption legislation, whilst the British were straddling the line between wilful blindness and active connivance.

  14. Israelis kicked off at the idea of the Saudies getting a seriously gucchi strike plane like the F-15E