US fighter jets in action over Yemen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Muntie McSporrin, Jun 9, 2011.

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    From dodgy CIA/JSOC mission to full blown military intervention using conventional forces!

    So not satisfied with Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya (and probably others we don't know about) he's got US forces engaging yet another group of militants in yet another local conflict.

    WTF? Is Obama smoking crack? Or just injecting into his eyeballs?
  2. Fighter jets? Based where?
  3. Its not as if they can take off from BFO flat ships, is it?

    Oh, hold on...
  4. Tbf it is referred to as the global war on terror.
  5. Nah, after upsetting Bibi he's just looked at the frightening Romney numbers and realized he might need to bomb his way into second term.
  6. I couldnt care less, I hope it attracts the bundles of Jihadis of Yeman origin away from Afghanistan.
  7. Err considering one of the last major terror attacks against the US was carried out by a setting fire to his pants who apparantly was trained and equiped by Yemen based terrorists, as well as those printer cartridge bombs, I'd say he's got plenty of reason to drop a few bombs on the bastards. Or would waiting quietly until the fucks finally figure out how to build a bomb that works be better?
  8. Doubt it. Yemen, North & South have been a hot bed of sedition for 40 years. So what's new. Baluchistan has yet to make a full impact on the news headlines in UK. That should split the vote as to who commutes where.
  9. Once flew to Nairobbery by Yemeni, if I had to do it again I'd walk, frightened the hell
    out of the Mem Sahib.
  10. Bet the 'South Yemenis' wish we'd never left Aden!
  11. Ah,............Crator!
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I thought it was crater or was that wishful thinking?
  13. What's an 'E' or a 'O', neither of us were there, were we?
    Se step picking en mo, am enly littlo.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No it was meant to be a witty play on words referring to Mad Mitch's desire to do such a thing to the area, turn it into a crater!
    Slaps forehead and wanders off muttering to clean guns!
  15. I am, chastised to the Nnnth degree.........I cleaned my Gun earlier!
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