US fighter jet crashes in Afghanistan; 2 crew dead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. RIP.

    Condolances to Family and Friends.

    And seconded; the nightmare scenario is Terry getting a regular supply of those... :evil:
  2. RIP brothers in arms.
  3. RIP fellas, another tragedy for the allies.
  4. Rest in peace pilots.

    The military said the crash was not due to hostile fire

    a second fighter aircraft flying alongside saw no evidence of hostile fire

    Militants are ... not known to have the anti-aircraft weaponry necessary to bring down a high-flying jet.

    I don't think it was...
  5. Rest in peace guys,You have always provided a sterling service to us guys on the ground
  6. With the lessons of history being explained to terry and forgotten by our powers that be I dare say they will be doing their best to procure enough AA weapon systems to start causing trouble should our extra aircraft ever arrive.

    RIP to the crew.
  7. Lets put this one to bed ref AA

    "Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
    Caveats: FOUO

    July 18, 2009
    Release Number: 20091807-02


    Only after a deliberative and thorough investigation will we know what caused this event. While we know it was not hostile fire, we will not speculate on what may have caused the crash, this can only be determined after the thorough investigation of trained investigators


    My bold.
  8. Were there not a load of F15's grounded last year after a few crashed killing some pilots? (fatigue in a part of the airframe iirc?) whilst it is obviously still early days into any investigation this must surely raise questions in the pilots minds?
  9. RIP Maverick and Goose - your wingmen will always be crying

    Now...back to the real fcukng world....
  10. Requiescat in Pace.

    May God be with you both and your families and friends.

    C'mon you Yanks - you are our greatest friends!
  12. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    SAMS are wonderfull things, shite"""