US Fields GPS guided mortor rounds

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ghost_us, Apr 21, 2011.

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  1. Wow. I remember the first time I saw REMBASS in action but this takes it to a whole other level. Now they just have to work on map reading skills.... :)

    Picatinny fields first precision-guided mortars to troops in Afghanistan

    PICATINNY ARSENAL, N.J. -- This month, U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan received 120mm GPS-guided mortar precision capability.

    The Program Executive Office for Ammunition fielded Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative cartridges, or APMI, to one Infantry Brigade Combat Team, or IBCT, earlier this month, and is scheduled to field cartridges to the seven other IBCTs in Afghanistan within six months.

    "APMI is a 120mm GPS-guided mortar cartridge that provides the infantry commander precision-strike capability, which he has never had before," said Peter Burke, PEO Ammunition's deputy product manager, Guided Precision Munitions and Mortar Systems.

    Mortars are an indirect firing capability used to defeat enemy troops, materiel, bunkers and other infantry-type targets.

    "Typically mortars are fired in volleys against an area target because of their inherent inaccuracy, but with APMI, you have the potential to destroy a target with only one or two rounds," Burke said.
  2. I remember hearing about this a few years ago and at the time I wasn't too convinced it would work. It'll be interesting to see how effective the guys using it on the ground find it. To be within 10m of the target is pretty accurate and could give people the option of indirect fire in areas such as villages and towns where they wouldn't have been able to use them previously for fear of collateral damage.
  3. According to the report, it will only land within 10m, 50% of the time. I would be interested to see what the geeks have come up with in their studies to see where 100% of the rounds land, just for that warm fuzzy feeling.

    Not being an MFC, and a crow OP Ack, could anyone tell me whether mortars have a "sausage of death" or similar, or is it different because it's generally high trajectory at closer range therefore a more circular sheath?
  4. It would be interesting to know how much the range and/or payload has been sacrificed for the TG capablity..

    Mortars however have the lowest acceleration of gun fired projectiles, so this makes the designers job a bit easier. The Russians have fielded a TG bomb for their TULPAN mortar for some time....

    .. and yes the beaten zone for a mortar is circular - well egg shaped...
  5. I was chatting with a chap in Sarajevo the other day, he was one of the weapon designers in the City during the siege, inventing a rifle grenade they nicknamed the Tromblone, among several other improvised designs, he was telling me he has designed (and they have tested his design) a 120mm Mortar with a range of 11,000m, and it doesn't have any Guuchi features like the US 120mm XM984 (Extended Range Mortar Cartridge) with its' nose mounted rocket motor.