US family apply for asylum in Finland...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by ViolentBadger, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. Are they war dodgers ?
  2. No conscription like there was during the Vietnam War. If they're trying to dodge a tour of Iraq either one of the family is a regular or volunteer reservist and want to avoid moblisation, or they're a deserter if regular.
  3. I'm not surprised they don't get more people there, it's one hell of a boring place to visit at the best of times, great looking women though!
  4. :lol: Is their name Patal? :lol:
  5. Asylum Check Sheet:

    Is the country you are normally resident in being run by a ruthless regime who's leader is hell-bent on controlling the world? Y/N

    Are you persecuted because of race/religeous belief/sexual orientation/political beliefs? Y/N

    Do you fear for your life every time you stick your head out of the door? Y/N

    Well that should count for a big 'Y' coming from the good old US of A. On a lesser scale I suppose we could apply for Asylum coming from the UK!
  6. Seems they have a different guide lines to who needs political asylum.

    They allow 1.6% of their asylum seekers to have it.

    The UK allows about 36% full asylum and 10% leave to stay.

    I wonder why there is such a huge difference?
  7. Finland got it right then!

    I bet these Americans are a pair of transgendered gay men of different ethnic origins with a muslim, buddish and a voodoo love child. They may also be disabled.

    We should have them here! FFS its like a freeking rainbow family
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  8. And the latest plan to give anyone who managed to stay in the UK illegally for 10 years full citizenship - WWHHATTT!!!!!

    So the government admits that they are completely inept at immigration so they are just going to let them stay cos they couldn't find them?

    Why not just grant everyone who enters full citizenship - that way they are not elligable for any handouts and a hammered to the max on taxation etc.

    They leave countries because of poverty, corruption and come to a country where a good percentage of the diggies are suffering the same!
  9. No link badger ?
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  10. Bugger. I was thinking of putting mine on eBay, but that wouldn't even fund a night on the wazz.
  11. They get Welsh citizenship.
  12. Says a lot for Finnish common sense.